7 types of guys you should avoid dating in your 20s


7 types of guys you should avoid dating in your 20s

7 types of guys you should avoid dating in your 20s

When you’re in your 20s, you’re in the midst of the weirdest, most exciting, and most carefree decade of dating.

While it can be fun and will introduce you to a variety of different dudes, there are a few types of guys that you should steer clear from, for your own benefit.

Here’s a list of them below:

1. The serial dater

This guy never seems to be single. Maybe you’ve liked him for awhile, but you’ve never managed to find a time when you’re both not in relationships. While you’ve never actually met any of his girlfriends, you can tell through Facebook that he’s constantly with someone new. It’s clear he doesn’t know how to be by himself and is more into showing the world he can get girls than he is into actually treating those girls well.

2. The “I hate commitment” guy

He’ll tell you right off the bat that he hates commitment, so if you’re cool with that, feel free to hang with this guy. If you think you can change him, stop right there. You can’t, and you’ll end up getting really hurt during the courtship. This guy might be the sweetest man in the world, but it’ll be a waste of time if you’re ever thinking about marriage and settling down.

3. The guy who refuses to get a job

If he wants something, he’ll charge it to a credit card that’s currently being paid by his parents. If he doesn’t want a job, he probably doesn’t have anything that he’s passionate about. And believe me, there’s a big difference between an unemployed guy who tries, and an unemployed guy who’s fine with handouts.

4. The guy who’s totally happy in his parents’ basement

Similar to point #3, this guy sees nothing wrong with staying in the nest. Even if didn’t relocate back home based on choice, he has no motivation to fix his current situation. He’s totally cool with his mom doing his laundry, and isn’t even interested in learning how to measure out detergent on his own.

5. The guy who can’t even create a plan

He had plans to take you out tonight, but in trying to schedule something to do, his texts are filled with a lot of “I dunno, lol” and “What do u want to do?” A guy shouldn’t always be responsible for having a fun idea on hand, but if it takes him two hours to decide to go to Starbucks, it’ll make future dates a total drag. Your 20s are a magical decade. Don’t waste time on a guy who sends frustrating, empty texts.

6. The guy who uses you for emotional support

He’s nice, he’s cute, and he had the misfortune of dating a total bitch last year. This guy is sensitive, and confides in you about how hard the breakup was. The second she posts something dramatic on Facebook, he tells you about it. In fact, you feel like you know everything about her. I hate to say it, but he’s not over his ex — and he’s talking to you since you’re nice enough to listen. Even if this guy is open to dating you, he’ll probably flee the second his ex wants to reconcile.

7. The guy with the shady friends

He seems nice enough, but loves to tell you stories about his best friends. Terrible stories. Stories that might have been funny in your teens, but are downright horrendous in your 20s. If this guy chooses to spend his time with people who would openly cheat on their girlfriends, or lie about their whereabouts, there’s a good chance that he’s capable of similar behavior.

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