7 tips on how to change to a healthier diet



7 tips on how to change to a healthier diet




Changing to a healthier diet is easier said than done. It’s almost impossible to wake up one day and give up all unhealthy foods at once, especially when they trigger our brain’s reward centre.

Most people don’t realize how big of a challenge it is until they try it. However, a healthy diet is the first step to keep your body healthy and avoid chronic illnesses.

Just like any change, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Here are some things to do to change to a healthier diet:

1. Add colour

One of the main reasons we love junk food is because it looks appetizing. Most people don’t like eating greens since they look bland. Since we’re visual beings, the more attractive your plate looks the more likely you’ll enjoy the food. Make your plate as colourful as possible. You can make greens look attractive by adding other colourful veggies like red bell peppers, carrots, broccoli. Additionally, different colours of vegetables and fruits contain different nutrients which make eating different colours healthier.

2. Display healthy food

Replace the ice-cream and cake with healthier snacks and food. we tend to reach for the first edible thing we find when we’re hungry. Therefore, if you have unhealthy food within your reach, it’s harder to change to a healthier diet. Instead of displaying biscuits or a cake, put fruits in a bowl and place them on the counter. This way, you’ll grab a fruit when you feel hungry. You can keep the sugary food hidden in case you have cravings.

3. Drink lots of liquids

Liquids are great fillers that prevent you from overeating. Water and soup are highly recommended. Drinking the recommended amount of water boosts your energy and in turn, speeds metabolism. Soup, on the other hand, contains healthy ingredients that promote a healthier diet. However, you can drink any kind of liquid as long as it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners.

4. Switch to smaller plates

Portion control helps in transitioning to a healthier diet. However, it’s hard to consciously cut on the amount of food we normally eat. One of the best hacks to help in portion control is to reduce the size of the plate you use. Research showed that people who eat from bigger plates and bowls are likely to eat 16% more than those who eat from smaller plates.

5. Try meal prep

Again, we rely on junk and fast food for their convenience. Preparing a healthy meal takes time which most people don’t have especially during the week. If you want to change to a healthier diet, try meal prepping during the weekend so you have enough food for the week. Additionally, you can prepare your fruits and vegetables as soon as you get home with them.

6. Eat breakfast

Breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day. It gives the body a boost of energy throughout the day. Therefore, it’s important to eat a hearty breakfast with proteins to avoid snacking on unhealthy food during the day.

7. Try new foods

If your old diet isn’t working for you, try new foods. Eating the same food year in year out limits our nutritional intake. Nowadays, there are countless healthy and delicious food that fits all palettes. Whether you’re a sweet or savoury kind of person, there’s a healthier option.

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