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7 things to know if you want to date an older woman


7 things to know if you want to date an older woman

7 things to know if you want to date an older woman

Most guys end up getting attracted and falling for older women due to a few specific traits that they fail to see in women of their age or those younger than them.

However, in order to make a relationship with an older woman work, it is important to understand them well as they work very differently from the younger women or ‘girls’.

Below are 7 things to know before dating an older woman:

1. Better conversations and communication

You will not once face a problem while communicating and conversing with her. She will always be open to having conversations and discussing absolutely everything from small to big. If you face any issue in your dating life, if something is bothering you about her, if there is anything you want to share with her, she will always sit down with you and let you talk it out. Older women believe in having constructive conversations. Thus, you will never find her avoiding any conversation.

2. She knows what she wants

Clarity of mind is the one thing that is the strongest in her. If she loves you she will decide to date you and then won’t turn back. As she understands herself well, she will also know what she wants from her relationship. Moreover, she will also convey this to you and be straightforward. There will be no confusion from her side when it comes to her relationship with you.

3. Maturity will never be an issue

When it comes to acting and taking a few decisions in your relationship, her being older will be a plus point. Being older to you, she will obviously have more life experiences. Due to this, she will be emotionally independent, strong and mature. Additionally, she will not expect you to deal with her problems because she has the ability to do it herself. Any kind of problem-solving in your life too will become easier. Given the maturity, you will find yourself stuck in very fewer arguments, especially over petty issues.

4. The simplicity of your relationship will be extraordinary 

Dating an older woman can give you a simple but yet the most beautiful relationship. Of Course romance should be an integral part of any love relationship, but when you date an older woman, you will surely not have to take her out of a splendidly romantic date after every two-three days, you won’t always have to buy her gifts for even the smallest reasons. You won’t have to make grand gestures to keep her happy. Just a simple “take care babe”, or “have lunch on time”, “how is your day going?”, “lets have ice-cream today”, “I am there to help you, call me when you feel like”, etc. too can leave her feeling happy and content.

5. Sex won’t be that complicated

Since she is going to be older than you, she is most likely to have some amount of experience not just outside the bedroom but also inside it. She will know what to expect from you, her needs and also how to conduct herself around you. She will also have more knowledge about sex than you. This will not just help you but also educate you and make you more aware.

6. She will be your strongest team player

She understands that life can get hard and pull you down. So, even if everyone else around you leaves you alone in your worst times and days, she will stick through no matter what. She won’t loosen the grip of her handhold even once. The reason being, she herself must have gone through difficult times. Any problem that arises in your life or even in your relationship, she will hold your hand and face it with you and also help you get through it. It will always be “us” against the problem.

7. She won’t entertain flings or casual dating

Seriously! If you are not serious, don’t even try to fool around. Since is older than you, she is probably done fooling around long back. She now will look for a real and serious relationship. This said, she will put in her 100% to make your relationship work. So only and only if you see a possible future with her as your soulmate go ahead with her. Otherwise, abort the plan of dating her now!

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