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7 things men are dying to hear from a woman


7 things men are dying to hear from a woman

7 things men are dying to hear from a woman

There are numerous blogs about how men can make their women feel special but there is a dearth of articles that speak about what women can tell their men to make them feel special.

At the end of the day, be it, men or women, all need to feel loved and wanted. Women, like men, should put their efforts to make their partners feel special.

A man might seem carefree but he too needs to feel loved, respected, complimented and valued in a relationship otherwise, they tend to pull away from the relationship.

Men are not ‘emotionless’ beings. If you are the woman in their life, they wish to hear so many things from you, which will light up their world.

There are several deeply touching things you can say to him other than just “I love you.” All you have to do is say these 7 things to spark the fire in him:

1. I am proud of you

Men view their self-worth on different grounds than women. Women feels valued and wanted in a relationship if you vocally and emotionally express love to them through hugs, kisses and reassuring words like “I love you”. But to make a man feel valued you have to look up to his efforts and appreciate him for their hard work. Be it in their personal or professional life, nothing stands close to supporting them in their endeavors and celebrating their achievements and success.

2. You are amazing in bed

Men are usually a bit more focused on performance, action, and challenge. That is how they are wired since the dawn of time. Physical intimacy is equally significant in a relationship. Your man is willing to get feedback on how he did to make you carnally satisfied. Vocally telling him how his touches and moves have bowled you over with an electrifying orgasm will not only boost his ego but will keep him smiling through the day. He is really that amazing, isn’t he?

3. Thank you for being there

The feelings of gratitude should extend to your man. One of the important ingredients in the recipe for a successful relationship is an expression of gratitude towards your partner. Most often a man’s contribution to the relationship goes unseen and underappreciated. Whether he is picking you up from work, waking you up in the morning or doing mundane house chores for you like helping you do the dishes, cooking and serving you dinner – ‘thank you’ is a powerful phrase.

4. You look so good

Hopefully, you don’t need to make an effort to say this, as this should naturally come to you every time you see your gorgeous man in front of you. He doesn’t need to look dashing, dress smart with expensive clothes to catch your attention but the way he carries himself with confidence and swagger should be enough for you to fall for him every single day. After all the external appearance also matters. And if he looks extra ravishing on some special occasions, you must generously compliment your man.

5. I trust in you

If you don’t trust your man, he will never feel secure and grounded in the relationship. You need to trust him and his intentions, give him the space to open up. If you seem suspicious of him and question his every single word, you run at a greater risk of creating a split in the relationship. Tell him from time to time that you are at ease with him, you can confide in him and that no matter what comes both your ways, your trust will be everlasting. This provides your man with a sense of security and stability in the relationship.

6. You make me so happy

You consciously realize this or not, your man does a lot to make you happy. He is striving to make you feel happy, content and satisfied in the relationship. This also makes him feel enough and useful.

Make sure you vocally remind him that he is one of the biggest reasons behind your happiness.

7. I will not get mad at you if you tell me

The society formed a schema of men being the strong one, not needing to share anything. But there might be other reasons that hold your man back from expressing his most authentic feelings – maybe he feels threatened by you, maybe he thinks you will misunderstand him, maybe he is scared of owning up to his mistakes. Whatever be the reason, this phrase will help put his overthinking mind to rest and he will be able to open up raw to you.

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