7 things happy couples don’t do in a perfect relationship


7 things happy couples don’t do in a perfect relationship

7 things happy couples don’t do in a perfect relationship

There are many things you can do to build a perfect relationship. However, sometime it’s the things you don’t do that make all the difference.

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Achieving a happy relationship with someone takes more than just a bit of good luck. It requires daily exercise in healthy relationship practices that help build a strong bond between two people.

While couples do many things to keep their relationships happycommunicating, for examplethe things they don’t do might lend more to their happiness as a couple than you may think.

If you’re looking for ways to build a happy relationship with someone special, consider the following “don’t do” tips that other happy couples swear by.

1. Don’t complain about your relationship to family or friends

Whether your relationship is a little rocky from time to time or is smooth sailing for the most part, don’t discuss it with outsiders. Involving others in your private matters usually results in negative feedback that’s hardly ever helpful. Instead, talk directly to each other to work through the bumps in the road together.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

People who are truly happy accept themselves and others as they are. Comparing yourself or your partner to someone else is unfair and unrealistic. It only leads you to feelings of insecurity about yourself and about your relationship.

3. Don’t blame your partner for your problems

Understand that it’s you who needs to take responsibility for your own feelings. Don’t blame your partner or wallow in self-pity. Instead, communicate with them and ask for the help you need in rectifying the situation.

4. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Life is full of ups and downs. To be truly happy, you mustn’t take everything so seriously. Happy couples enjoy life. They date often and laugh a lot. Even when life gets rough, find ways to keep it light if you can.

5. Don’t criticize

Nobody likes a nag. Criticizing your partner only creates a rift in the relationship that, over time, can tear it apart. Try not to criticize each other, but instead, look for ways to work through irritating situations with sensitivity.

6. Don’t ignore the financial side of your relationship

Money troubles can stress even the best relationships, so address issues as quickly as possible when they arise. Discuss your financial goals so you can make responsible decisions for a bright future. If money matters are a touchy subject with you, just know that ignoring them can lead to major headaches later on.

7. Don’t attempt to read your partner’s mind

In many relationships-especially long-term ones-couples assume they know what their partners want or need. While you may know your partner better than anyone else, never assume you know all the time.

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