7 sensible ways to resist temptation in a relationship


7 sensible ways to resist temptation in a relationship

7 sensible ways to resist temptation in a relationship

Struggling with a temptation that could ruin your relationship now? Are you afraid that you might end up cheating on your partner/spouse?

Being in love with your partner or spouse is not a guarantee that you would be faithful to him/her. There are some people in-love who get caught in momentary lapses which could result in emotional damages and broken relationships.

If you want to find out how to resist the temptation that can threaten your relationship, here are 7 sensible ways to do it:

1. Be aware of your temptations

The very first thing you need to do is acknowledge your vulnerability. Being aware of your temptations will help you to be more watchful of your behaviors, decisions, and thoughts.

2. Tell your partner about your weakness

Surely, your spouse or partner understands that you are not perfect. S/he will appreciate your openness.

Giving him/her a head’s up of your weakness is a sign that you want to fight it off. Also, your partner can help you overcome temptations by checking on you.

3. Find an accountability partner

It is also advisable that you find an accountability partner, aside from your beloved. It should be someone from the same sex who is mature and trustworthy. The role of your accountability partner is to check on you, rebuke you when needed, and pray for you.

4. Get counseling

If you keep on failing in this area, then seeking professional help can also be a good idea. You can go to a spiritual mentor or find a psychologist.

5. Think about how it will affect your relationship

What if you gave in? Have you ever thought about what could happen if your spouse or partner found out? Are you willing to risk your relationship for momentary pleasure?

Even if you get forgiven, it would be hard to restore your partner’s trust.

6. Ask yourself if your partner deserves it

Yes, there is a chance that your partner might never discover your affair. However, do you really think s/he deserves to be cheated on?

Your partner or spouse may not be perfect, but s/he could be so devoted to you and is trying to be the best for you.

7. Avoid friends who encourage you to cheat

If you have friends who think to be able to cheat is cool, then stay away from them. True friends will help you protect your relationship or marriage.

As the saying goes, “Bad company corrupts good character”. Therefore, choose your friends wisely.

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