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7 reasons why your Ex still crosses your mind


7 reasons why your Ex still crosses your mind

7 reasons why your Ex still crosses your mind

It has been a while now since your relationship with your ex got over and in fact now you are in a much better and satisfactory relationship.

But there are still times when your ex crosses your mind even if you don’t want to think about him / her. What does it mean? Why does this happen to you? Confused?

Your ex crossing your mind from time to time does not mean you miss them or want them back. It’s just that there are things and incidences that makes you think of them.

So don’t worry. Here is a list of reasons why your ex crosses your mind every now and then:

1. You share common friends

It is very much possible that you had the same set of friends when you were in a relationship and you still continue to have them.  You may ignore to thin and talk about them but somehow your ex’s name is taken and they are talked about in front you. Obviously I will make you think of them. You get to know something or the other about your ex from them.

2. You visit places where you and your ex used to meet

You are going to the same place where you and your ex used to go for dates, dinners and everything. And by chance you order the same set of dishes that your ex used to like eating. The ambiance, the food, the place all will make you think about your ex.

3. You are connected to them through social media

There are pros and cons of everything. Social media is also one thing that has pros and cons. You get to stay in touch and connected with everyone. But if you have common friends with your ex then you will get updates about your ex too which may bother you and make you think of them. You may see updates about their new boyfriend / girlfriend or may be about their marriage.

4. There are things around you that make you think of them

Suppose you go to a mall and cross someone who is wearing the same perfume as your ex used to wear, or you get to see the same pair of shoes that your ex used to put on, or you get to listen to the favorite song of your ex on the radio, you heart might skip a beat and your mind will go back into the memories you have in your mind of the song.

5. You still have their gifts with you

While you were in a relationship, your ex gifted you with many things. Some which are just kept aside and some that you may be using in your everyday life. It can be a phone, a dress, a pair of shades, a watch or anything. You may not think of them every time you use it but there are moments that make you remind of them unintentionally. Say for example you are wearing the same shades your ex gifted to you and someone randomly asks you “Hey nice shades, where did you get them from?” It will automatically remind you of your ex.

6. Comparison

There comes a situation when your present girlfriend / boyfriend does something and it suddenly clicks in your mind that your ex used to do the same. Say for example – your ex said some romantic line to you while you both are sharing some special moment and your brain goes in the past and reminds you of the same lines that once your ex used to say to you.

7. Special dates or occasions

You look at the date randomly and you realize that it was his / her birthday today, or you anniversary date or some other special date that you both used to celebrate while you were in a relationship. Especially girls, who are good at remembering dates. Girls remember dates even when you first met, you first held hands, when he/she proposed and everything.

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