7 reasons why you need to have at least one older friend in life
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7 reasons why you need to have at least one older friend in life


7 reasons why you need to have at least one older friend in life

7 reasons why you need to have at least one older friend in life

First of all, older friends are a bit like grandparents; they let you do whatever your parents forbid. They are the first breath of freedom.

However, spending time with the elderly, strengthen your mental health. There is no reason that these friendships cannot be as successful as those with people of the same or similar age, and even better.

Here are some of the most important reasons why it is good to have at least one old friend in your life. We have considered why such friendships are very successful and why such friendships are desirable:

1. You can learn a lot from them

In some more mature age, people think they already know everything, and that they have experienced and learned all, it is then, that they meet someone older than themselves and realize that there is still a lot to go through and learn. And of course, the fact is that a man learns throughout the life and older friends are there to remind them of it.

2. Sincerity is guaranteed

Learned from experience, which is much larger than yours, these friends respect sincerity. It will never be a problem for them to talk openly with you about everything, particularly about what bothers them and all with the intention that your relationship becomes good. Sincerity is, of course, what they expect in return.

3. Learn from their mistakes

Nobody is perfect, even your friends. It is certain that in their life, they had a lot of mistakes and as true friends with a lot of life experience they will give you advises that are guided by their experience so that you do not make the same mistakes.

4. Their presence has a calming effect

5. Different view point

One of the major advantages of friendship with a person who is older than you is that through friendship with such a person you can also consider some things from an entirely different point of view, the one that you never took into consideration.

Age usually shapes opinions, and probably you know how many times you have made a mistake in life decisions because you did not consider things from a different point of view, and all because of your immaturity and inexperience.

6. They can be a real surprise for you


People do not always need to be as is expected for their age. You will be surprised how much such a kind of individuals can easily fit with people younger than themselves. Because it is not a rule that old friends have to be serious. In their company, fun is guaranteed, whether you are alone or in a larger group of people. So friendship with an older person can open your eyes and break the prejudices about them because there is nothing that they have to learn, for they had already passed all a long time ago.

7. Age-gap friendships will help you to fit in any group of people, older or younger

You will learn a lot by spending time with the older and more experienced people. In their surroundings, you will get to know the experience of many things that previously you did not have interests. For example, the old quality music, much of which will help you in your business plans and the like. They are going to help you develop a more sophisticated taste of entertainment.

All this is important for you because in the company of people who are older than you, you will overcome that generational gap, and you will be able to communicate equally well with all age groups.

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