7 obvious signs of unhealthy jealousy in a relationship


7 obvious signs of unhealthy jealousy in a relationship

7 obvious signs of unhealthy jealousy in a relationship

Sometimes, it is cute to see your partner jealous. This could make you feel truly loved and wanted like this person is afraid to lose you. Who does not want to feel this way?

However, too much or constant jealousy is far from being healthy in a relationship. It reveals insecurity on the part of the jealous person.

It may seem romantic for a while, but wanting to be together all the time—like your world only revolves around each other—could become toxic in the long run.

Now, how can you determine if your partner is unhealthily jealous? Or let us make this more personal. Evaluating yourself against these obvious signs, do you think your jealousy for your partner is still normal?

1. You want to be with your partner 24/7

Yes, it is normal to miss your boyfriend/girlfriend whenever you are not together, especially if you are used to being around each other. However, it is a different thing if you want your partner to yourself alone like you do not want him/her to have a life outside of your relationship.

2. You always check on him/her every minute you are not together

Calling or messaging your partner all the time whenever you are not together is another sign of unhealthy jealousy. If you are always getting paranoid about what s/he is up to every time s/he is out of your sight, then it means you do not really trust him/her. Indeed, this is very unhealthy because it causes you anxiety.

3. S/he is not allowed to go out with friends

If you do not like your partner seeing his/her friends for the fear of him/her enjoying with someone else, then you are crazily jealous. You would not want to give up your friends just because your boyfriend/girlfriend said so, right? Surely, you would feel bad if you would not be allowed to see your friends anymore, especially when you know there is nothing wrong with your friendship.

4. You do not want him/her to talk with the opposite sex

Just so you know, your partner would forever be surrounded by people from the opposite sex, unless you keep him/her in a box. You cannot stop him/her from meeting new people, working with them, or being friends with them. It would also be unhealthy for your partner to avoid the opposite sex.

5. You monitor his/her social media activities

Yes, it is fine if you and your partner share passwords to your social media account for transparency. However, what is not good is if you are secretly monitoring your partner’s social media activities, including whom s/he follows, the posts s/he reacts or comments to, or his/her recent searches.

6. You stalk everyone who reacts or comments on your partner’s posts

Just like in the previous number, this is a sign of paranoia too. If you are stalking every person who reacts or comments on your boyfriend/girlfriend’s post, it means you are convincing yourself that you are being cheated on. It would keep you suspicious of everyone your partner comes in contact with.

7. You always accuse him/her of cheating

If you cannot resist the urge of accusing your partner of infidelity, then it shows how jealous you are. You cannot call your relationship healthy if you always doubt the faithfulness of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

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