7 major turn offs for men that most women don’t know

7 major turn offs for men that most women don’t know

7 major turn offs for men that most women don’t know

We are always about how things men do turn off women but women can be annoying as well, doing different things and expecting men to be perfectly alright with it.

Things ladies do that turn off men are many but it also varies from guy to guy, today we have compiled a general list of things that ladies do that are major turn offs for most guys.

1. Nagging

Nagging is one of the major turn-offs for guys, no guy like constant complaining and they always get tired of a lady that complains and nags about everything and automatically get tired of the relationship too.

2. Talking too much

This is also a turn-off, guys are always frustrated when a lady talks too much and makes a conversation all about her without giving them the chance to contribute or speak out their mind.

3. Over-possessiveness

Don’t get this wrong, men love their women to be possessive but not over-possessive. There are times when everyone needs their space so do guys too, no need to suffocate a guy with excess love and attention than he needs.

4. Calling a guy by pet names in public

Guys like when their women behave cutely and call them pet names but when you are out with other people, keep the baby, boo, sweets, cupcake, honeypie etc away, it could turn them off especially those that easily get embarrassed.

5. Jealousy

Men knows women can get jealous but cut out the unnecessary jealousy when a guy values a relationship they don’t let anything damage it and always remember not every girl is out to sabotage your relationship so take a chill pill ladies.

6. Living in dream land

Every lady dreams of a perfect man, a knight in shining armour and men know that but always know that not all relationships are perfect, the seemingly perfect ones also have their own problems. “Although you may not get your “Mr. Perfect”, do not try to change a guy just so that he could fit into the shoes of your “dream guy”. Love a man for who he is, changing a man could have bad, disastrous results at times”.

7. Discussing ex-boyfriends

This one goes without saying, it will shock your guy to see that you would even consider discussing this with him and if done too often, the guy would begin to think that either the relationship is completely flawed, or that you still haven’t been able to get over your ex.

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