7 hard facts everyone should know before saying ‘yes’ to marriage

7 hard facts everyone should know before saying ‘yes’ to marriage


7 hard facts everyone should know before saying ‘yes’ to marriage

7 hard facts everyone should know before saying ‘yes’ to marriage

Marriages may be made in heaven, but it does not assure a heavenly experience once you commit to it.

While it will give you the companionship of a person and the stability and security you need in your life, it will never promise a life full of happiness and perfection.

That being said, there is nothing to feel sad about. Just like life, marriage will also have its own set of bittersweet instances and situations.

You will feel utmost joy of being together with your spouse but also feel sheer pain and disappointment when things don’t go according to your plans.

Therefore, while it is okay to expect a lot from your marriage and step into a pool of joy, you must also be ready to face these hard facts before saying ‘yes’ to it.

1. The honeymoon phase will expire soon

While your romantic journey began on a beautiful note, it doesn’t mean that it will remain the same for the rest of your married life. You may have high expectations and think that the excitement and thrill will stay forever, but know that with time the momentary honeymoon phase will soon expire.

2. Conflicts and disagreements are bound to occur

Marriage is surely a union between two souls, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to disagreements and conflicts. Arguments are a part of every relationship and while a marriage involves two people, it is only natural that both these people have different opinions and ideas.

3. Somewhere down the line, you’ll have to compromise

There’s no doubt that you and your partner love each other. But after tying the knot, know that there will always come a time, where you’ll have to make sacrifices and compromise your happiness for the good of others. But don’t worry. You won’t be the only one making them.

4. No one ever wins an argument

Being married to one another is a position of equality. Therefore, in case there is a fight or a verbal quarrel between the spouses, there will never be a winner in the end. In a marriage, an argument can only be solved on mutual consent. Therefore, unless and until you both call it truce, there is no end to it.

5. You can never change the other person

Well, change may be the only constant, but when it comes to a person, there is no changing them or their ways. If you’re overlooking your partner’s flaws, thinking you’ll change them after you’re married, then be sure to be disappointed because it’s never going to happen. That’s the bitter truth you must accept.

6. Having children will alter the dynamics of your relationship

After marriage, surely, you’ll want to have children. Although these will be the most precious moments of your life, it will change the entire dynamics of your relationship. You’ll have less time for each other and will be more oriented towards the kids. May be the love and affection you both have for each other will simmer down too.

7. Regret will sometimes overshadow your happiness

You may be the happiest person on your wedding day, but as the days passed, there will sometimes come a time, where you will experience utmost sadness and regret having married your partner. But know that it is only the anger that’s making you believe so.

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