7 foods to avoid after turning 30


7 foods to avoid after turning 30

7 foods to avoid after turning 30

Those 30 candles on your cake signify big changes coming. What do those thirty candles stand for, foodwise?

Your body’s metabolism tapers off once you hit 30. Easy-to-lose pounds make it clear they intend to stick around. You might think of osteoporosis as an old person’s disease, but it begins at 30.

Whether you have children or are just starting a family, fertility changes.

Before you get too depressed, remember that food is an important part of the aging process. Choosing the right nutrition can slow aging. So what foods make you age? You won’t believe what’s on the list.

1. Sugar

As metabolism slows, so does the ability to process sugar. Your body deposits all those extra calories in your hips, stomach, and other fat storage areas.

Excess sugar leads to insulin resistance that may contribute to infertility. Sugar accelerates wrinkles and skin sagging.

Remember, sugar hides in almost every processed food. But… there are always artificial sweeteners, right? Think again!

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is full of calories. Since your 30+ body can’t burn them off, those extra calories feed the beer gut. Beer also spikes insulin levels and that is very hard on you.

Alcohol might knock you out, but you probably won’t stay asleep. You’ll weight gain carb and sugar cravings the next day.

You may need coffee. That can’t be bad!

3. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sugars confuse the body by not providing calories and our bodies can’t regulate hunger.

Artificial sweeteners are associated with cancer. Use may lead to poor insulin response and elevated glucose levels. These contribute to fat storage, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Artificial or novel sweeteners and sugar alcohols are created in a laboratory although some are based on natural substances.

4. Caffeine

Besides all the extra sugars and chemicals in your latte or cola, the biggest effect is from caffeine’s effect on sleep quality.

Too much caffeine can be aging since you don’t get your beauty rest. And just like alcohol, too much caffeine can lead to carb carvings. Sneaky carb carvings pack on the pounds.

5. Brominated Vegetable Oil

What does the space shuttle and some clear sodas have in common? They both contain brominated vegetable oil (BVO). BVO may cause memory loss, nerve problems, and internal inflammation. If you have thyroid or fertility concerns, you may want to skip the BVO.

You may want to throw together a sandwich to fuel your caffeine and alcohol deprived body. What can be wrong with that and your thirty-year-old body?

6. White flour

Remember when wonder bread made the greatest sandwich? Your 30-something body deserves better. White flour is on the no-no list.

Your body converts white flour into glucose. Glucose is very easily stored as fat. White flour is refined of all the good stuff like fiber. Whole grains are more slowly digested and will help you stay full longer.

7. Partially Hydrogenated Oils and Transfats

Slathering margarine on that whole grain sandwich is hard on your 30-something body. Partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated vegetable oils are hard on your heart. They cause chronic inflammation.

For men, trans-fats may cause lowered fertility. They also upset hormones and may decrease memory and brain function. Switch to a tiny bit of butter. Your brain and joints will thank you!
Now, to top your whole grain margarine-less sandwich…

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