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7 effective home remedies for low blood pressure


7 effective home remedies for low blood pressure

7 effective home remedies for low blood pressure
Hypotension or low blood pressure is a medical condition wherein the blood pressure in the arteries falls below the otherwise normal levels.
This condition is usually caused due to stress, pregnancy, a side-effects from certain medication, eating and drinking habits, dehydration, and loss of blood, nutrient deficiency, low salt intake or an allergic reaction.
If you often feel dizzy, light-headed or have fainted a couple of times even after treating yourself to a huge spread, you’d be surprised to know that these are all, in fact, some of the most common signs of low blood pressure.
This condition may also lead to temporary or permanent damage to the brain, kidney and heart. Therefore, it is important that you combat this problem right now. Here are some all-natural and safe remedies that you can find in your kitchen.

1. Salt water

Common salt or table salt contains sodium, which instantly helps raise blood pressure levels. While salt is good for reducing hypotension, it is also important to note that high sodium consumption may lead to stomach ulcers, kidney stones and even body swelling. Mix one-and-a-half teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and drink once a week. You can also opt for sports beverages and other energy drinks that contain sodium.

2. Milk and almonds

Milk and almonds, both can help regulate and normalise your blood pressure levels. Simply soak five to six almonds overnight. In the morning, peel and grind them into a thick paste. Boil this along with a glass of milk and drink every morning.

3. Tulsi leaves

Holy basil, commonly known as tulsi is known to contain high levels of potassium, magnesium and vitamin C , all of which help in regulating blood pressure. These leaves are also loaded with an antioxidant called eugenol that helps keep the blood pressure and also lowers cholesterol levels under check.

4. Caffeine

Here’s another good reason to drink that morning cup of Joe. Coffee, cola or any other caffeinated drink can actually help combat hypotension. Ensure that you add a strong cup of black coffee to your daily regimen. However, go easy on the sugar.

5. Beetroot juice

Raw beetroot can help maintain your blood pressure, so it is recommended that you include this healthy vegetable in your daily diet. Throw some raw beetroot slices into your salads or blend them into your vegetable or fruit smoothies. Additionally, drinking two glasses of plain beetroot juice in the mornings can also help fight the symptoms of low blood pressure.

6. Raisins

Raisins are rich in anti-oxidants vitamins and also dietary fibre, all of which help regularise blood pressure levels. Soak a handful of raisins in filtered water every night before sleeping. In the morning, eat the raisins on an empty stomach. Drink the water that they were soaked in.

7. Increase your intake of water

As dehydration is a common cause of low blood pressure, make it a point to drink at least two to three litres of water daily. Additionally, sip on coconut water, home-made lemonade, kokum sharbat and buttermilk. These will give you the necessary electrolytes required to maintain the required blood pressure levels.

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