7 best ways to forget your Ex and move on


7 best ways to forget your Ex and move on

7 best ways to forget your Ex and move on

Picture this: you’re in your room with the air conditioner on full blast, the lights are turned off, and there are about five blankets wrapped around you.

Your eyes are sagging and puffy from crying for the third night in a row, there’s a half-finished pint of chocolate in your arms, a sitcom playing on your laptop, and your phone buzzing with all the unread messages from last week.

Yes, folks, this is how a breakup looks like. It’s not pretty, is it? But then, you suddenly stand up with this new found feeling of purpose in your chest.

You can’t be like this forever, so how do you forget your ex and move on? Luckily for you, we have the seven best ways to do just that:

1. Throw away the stuff he gave you

Do a survey around your room and pick out every single thing that he gave you and throw it out. Even the receipts of the first ever movie that you saw together, take it out and chuck it down the bin! The relationship is over so there’s no point clinging to things that will only remind you of the past

2. Delete all your pictures of him

After throwing all his gifts in the trash, open your buzzing phone, and finally read those messages from last week. After that, go to your phone’s gallery and delete your pictures of him and the two of you together.

It may be tempting to keep those but you will only hurt yourself further during the process. If there’s still anything that reminds you of him in your room, your phone, or even your mind, you will not be able to move on.

3. Don’t lock yourself in your room

Loneliness is a killer so please don’t lock yourself up in your room. Open your windows and take a good look outside. The world moves on without you so you have to keep up with it! You can’t be stuck in your room moping forever until crows turn white.

Take a long hot shower, as much as you need, dress in yourself in the most comfortable way, and then go outside. You don’t know where to go? That’s the best part! Why not start at that store you’ve always wanted to go to?

4. Try picking up a hobby

Now that you’ve got all this free time, you have an excuse to pick up a new hobby! Pick your dusty paintbrushes, take up knitting, try out martial arts, or even take a Spanish class. Whatever you want to do, go do it, this is your time to make yourself a better person than before.

5. Fill your time with exercise

What’s the best way to get back up from a break-up? Having a great body of course! Don’t let this sad situation get you down and tempt you to binge-eat all your favorite foods. Instead, look at this as an opportunity for you to bloom and become an even better person.

Besides, it’s already proven that exercise helps you release hormones called endorphins which will make you naturally happier!

6. Think about the bad times

While this is not recommended, it’s also very helpful. If you want to move on quickly, then it’s best to think about the bad things he did or the flaws he has instead of focusing on your sweet memories together. This is to help you think that you’re better off without him anyway.

The catch here is that for you not falling into a deep well of negativity. Remember, never dwell on what happened in the past especially if it’s an unsavory experience.

7. Hang out more with your friends

Another best way to get over a break-up is to hang out with your friends. If they invite you out, don’t decline it and the best of friends will go their way to help you, drag you out of your room, and treat you to a nice day out.

Trash talk your ex with your friends if you have to and do anything to get your mind off the negative things. Have fun and enjoy while you’re still young!

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