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7 amazing health benefits of Lemongrass tea


7 amazing health benefits of Lemongrass tea

7 amazing health benefits of Lemongrass tea

Also called citronella, lemongrass is often used as a folk remedy to promote sleep and boost immunity. And the most popular way of consuming lemongrass is in the form of tea.

In this post, we discuss the various ways lemongrass tea can make your life better and some additional (and interesting) information as well.

Several studies have proven how lemongrass tea can help relieve abdominal issues (like stomach cramps and pain), blood pressure, cough, cold, and even exhaustion.

Lemongrass essential oil is particularly used to treat muscle pain upon inhalation. The plant is also used in foods and beverages as a flavoring.

There are several other ways this plant is utilized – but in this post, we stick to the health benefits, the most important of all.

The tea aids weight loss, and given its ability to lower blood sugar, it can be a good supplemental treatment for diabetes. Studies have shown that lemongrass tea benefits include immunity against hypertension and cancer as well.

Here are 7 health benefits of drinking lemon grass tea:

1. Might help in diabetes treatment

Some studies show that lemongrass tea can lower blood sugar levels, and this can be beneficial to people with diabetes. But consult your doctor if you are already on diabetes medication. Studies have also shown that taking lemongrass tea can improve fasting blood glucose levels.

Also, since lemongrass tea works as a detox, it can purify your pancreas and improve its functionality.

2. Regulates blood pressure

Studies have dubbed lemongrass as a traditional remedy for hypertension (1). Another study conducted in 2012 found that intake of lemongrass tea can cause a moderate drop in blood pressure levels – results that are much better when compared to green tea intake.

But we suggest that individuals with heart problems use lemongrass tea with caution – for the very same reason.

3. Helps fight cancer

Laboratory studies have shown that lemongrass extract can inhibit the early phases of cancer, especially that of the liver. One compound in lemongrass, called citral, was found to induce cell death in the case of breast cancer.

Studies have also shown how lemongrass extracts can be a nontoxic alternative to cancer treatment. Some sources say that lemongrass also helps treat prostate cancer – although concrete research is lacking.

4. Improves digestive health

Lemongrass tea works wonderfully well as an alternative remedy for stomach cramping, upset stomach, and other digestive issues. Studies have shown that lemongrass can be effective in treating gastric ulcers.

Lemongrass essential oil can also help protect the stomach lining from aspirin (regular use of aspirin can often cause gastric ulcers). The oil is also used to improve digestion.

5. Enhances kidney functioning

Lemongrass tea works as a good detox, and it can help cleanse the kidneys as well. This might invariably improve their functioning.

6. Promotes deep sleep

Lemongrass tea has a calming effect, which can aid deep sleep. It can also help relieve insomnia and irritability – and this is especially true with lemongrass oil.

7. Treats yeast infections

Lemongrass oil contains citral and limonene, two important compounds that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. The oil possesses antibiotic-like effects, which can help treat yeast infections.

One Brazilian study talks about the antifungal activity of lemongrass and how it can help treat Candida (6).

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