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6 zodiac signs that are passionate behind closed doors


6 zodiac signs that are passionate behind closed doors

6 zodiac signs that are passionate behind closed doors

The dating world can be a fickle place. But if you meet someone who sweeps you away with their small romantic gestures and an extremely attractive sex appeal, then that’s like hitting a jackpot.

Love, respect, communication, consent, and space are necessary for a relationship but one cannot ignore physical intimacy. Sexual compatibility needs to be factored in when dating someone.

While each zodiac has its unique way of expressing its passion and emotions, these 5 zodiacs do not shy away when expressing their love and passion for their special someone.

1. Scorpio

This Zodiac sign is known to be one of the most passionate signs of all. Resisting them can sometimes be very tough as they are highly charming, attractive, and know their way around most things. Although, they do not express their fun side that often, but when they are comfortable with someone it naturally reflects in their sex lives as well. Scorpions never shy away from making the first move and often take the lead, however, they don’t mind letting their partner take control.

2. Cancer

Cancerians are known to be the most sensitive sign among all zodiacs. They are extremely emotional when it comes to matters of the heart. This is the reason why often they hold back from expressing their emotions or initiate physical intimacy. Cancerians need to feel an emotional connection to get comfortable with their SO. For them, sex is a way to bond on spiritual and emotional levels with their partners. If you are not looking for a long-term run, then be very clear.

3. Libra

Another sign that can rock your world in between the sheets is Libra. They are very passionate people. Well, Librans are ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships so that often plays a pivotal role. They might try to hide it often but once they are comfortable with someone they don’t shy away from expressing their emotions and passion. Remember play smart and safe as one small thing can put them off.

4. Leo

Leos are known to be fun, outgoing, and vivacious. Being outspoken they don’t mind putting their ideas, feelings, and emotions out in the open. While they are sweet enough to consider their partner’s likes and dislikes as well. They are generous and very thoughtful people. It’s very easy to fall for a Leo.

5. Aries

Another fire sign that’s on the list is Aries. They are a bundle of energy, passion and are emotional as lovers. They are whimsical when it comes to matters of heart and mind but are quick to get over it. Although they aren’t eager to settle down, they are extremely romantic and can be the center of everyone’s attention.

6. Taurus

They’re an earth sign, which means they’re highly sensual, and often emphasize “physical touch and bodily senses. They’re also a fixed sign, which makes them more inclined to settle down. But that doesn’t mean they let their initial spark die. Taurus may enter into a relationship slowly, making sure it’s going to last, but once they’re involved, they can keep passion alive in a relationship.

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