6 ways you can enhance your health
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6 ways you can enhance your health


6 ways you can enhance your health

6 ways you can enhance your health

As we sit down to plan out our new year and come up with new year’s resolutions, one area that we should pay particular attention to is our health.

A few simple, every day practices can help you stay on top of things, prevent illness and keep you functioning at your best.

One of the key takeaways from 2020 is that we need to make a conscious effort to be healthy. A healthy lifestyle is one that consists of nutritious food, sufficient exercise and quality rest.

It involves paying attention to your body’s signals that it is functioning less optimally and taking steps to resolve any health issues that arise in a timely manner.

1. Drink enough water

It is recommended that we drink at least eight glasses of water everyday and there’s a very good reason for this. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and water also helps in the proper functioning of our body systems. And since we lose water through sweating and going to the toilet, it’s important that we replenish it frequently.

2. Get some sunlight

Try to catch that morning sun, it’s healthier too, and watch your energy levels improve. You’ll also be more alert. If you have outside space, carry your yoga mat out and do some stretches in the sun. Alternatively, go for a morning walk or have your morning cup of tea or coffee on the balcony.

3. Add healthy sides to your meals

Tweak your eating habits to include some healthy options. Accompany your lunch or dinner with a salad and do the same when you order takeout. Ensure that you eat a piece of fruit every day or make a smoothie or fresh fruit juice instead.

4. Prioritise movement

You need regular exercise to help you re-energise and focus. It’ll also help in the proper functioning of your body and reduce weight-related illnesses. If you find that you can’t squeeze in a 15-minute workout in your schedule, spread them out throughout the day instead. Take a walk when you’re on your work breaks instead of scrolling through social media.

5. Practice gratitude

As part of your journal or if you want to get a separate gratitude journal, reflect on and write down just three things that you’re grateful for each day. These don’t have to be big, extraordinary things. It could be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep, finishing that difficult work task, that joke a friend told that made you laugh out loud, a warm sunny day, etc.. Make this a daily habit and you’ll begin to see a change in your mindset, make you more positive, less stressed and you’ll begin to enjoy life even more.

6. Invest in your health

Subscribe to an online workout session or get a personal trainer to help you stay more consistent with your workouts. Buying fresh produce will ensure that you actually eat them before they go bad and waste money. Speak to a therapist to help you with your mental health and seeing how much you have to pay per session will motivate you to work harder to get better.


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