6 ways introverts can grow their friendships


6 ways introverts can grow their friendships



In this world, everyone is different in their own unique way. At the same time, we can categorize our vast personalities into common types like introverts, extroverts and ambiverts which is a mixture of the two.

Here we are focusing on the introverts and how they can navigate in the world of friendships. I know it can be hard sometimes especially because you thrive as a lone wolf.

If you identify as an introvert and you’re interested in learning how to grow friendships, check out these tips.

1.Get out more

Introverts are known to be homebodies. Many don’t like to explore new places and sometimes they can stay in the house for weeks on end without anyone noticing they are even around.

I know technology has made it easier for us to have extremely private lives since we can even have everything delivered to our doorsteps but, that doesn’t mean we should isolate ourselves.

Try and explore the great outdoors occasionally and you’ll realize that people have a lot to offer. You can strike a conversation with the barista at your local cafe or even become good friends with someone you met at the store.

2.Be active at work

Great friendships can actually start at the work place. You don’t have to be best of friends with your coworkers but it would be great if you get the opportunity to create a long lasting friendship from there.

Although groups aren’t your thing, you should get to know people by talking to them instead of just being invisible the whole time or join others when having lunch rather than eating silently at your desk every single day.

3.Work on being approachable

A common challenge people have when interacting with introverts is the fact that they tend to have this nonchalant aura around them. They don’t necessarily enjoy small talk and you might think that there’s not much depth to their personality. Although the introverted personality can send the wrong message, they have interesting and bubbly qualities.

As an introvert, work on being more approachable so that people can feel more comfortable around you. Smile more, greet people and slowly break down the walls you’ve built around you.

4.Connect with others online

Online spaces are where most introverts thrive. Here, you have control over who you want to talk to and what you want to say without some of the challenges that comes with interacting face to face.

There is also more freedom online because you can connect with people from different countries which expands your friendship horizon.

The good thing is that you don’t have to meet up with everyone you’ve added to your friends list. But at least you can create some strong bonds with people you’ve never met before.

5.Identify people with common interests

Once you get to know others and work on your social skills a bit more, you can get to know some interesting facts about them. You’ll find that you share some common interests with other introverts or even individuals with extroverted personalities.

You’ll definitely feel more comfortable with a circle full of other introverts but there’s still a lot you can learn from building bonds with people who don’t necessarily have the same personality type as you.

6.Maintain the friendships you have

Having many friends doesn’t necessarily mean you have quality friendships. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a thousand friends because the ones you have are enough.

Change your perspective and realize that your family members are your friends too. In fact these are probably your closet buddies.

If you have one or two friends who you can count on, just work on maintaining them and that’s enough.

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