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6 way introvert can be more social


6 way introvert can be more social

6 way introvert can be more social

The two main personality types that have been explored in depth are extroverted and introverted personalities. An extrovert is more social and outgoing while an introvert is reserved and often shy.

If you find yourself left out from the two extremes, chances are, you may be an ambivert. An ambivert is a personality that has a balance of both introversion and extroversion qualities.

And then there is the omnivert who displays either an introverted or extroverted personality depending on the situation at hand.

Out of the four, introverts have by far been the most mysterious type. They tend to be more withdrawn which can affect their social life tremendously.

It can be difficult for an introvert to make friends or build a professional network. Still, there are ways every introvert can come out of their shell and thrive socially like an extrovert. Here is how.

1. Master some relaxation techniques

Many introverts are just selectively social which means they like to choose who they hang out with and when they want to hang out. There are still some introverts who struggle to overcome the anxiety and awkwardness when trying to socialize with others.

You can learn how to ignore the nerves by taking deep breaths or learning other quick techniques that can help you relax when you’re out in public.

2. Explore different friendship circles

As an introvert, you might find yourself being drawn to other introverts. It’s okay to surround yourself with friends who have the exact same personality type as you but there’s a lot you can learn from socializing with others who are your complete opposite.

When you interact with extroverts or ambiverts for instance, you can slowly learn how they socialize and eventually become a pro at it.

3. Do some practice runs

You could always take a few lessons on how to start a conversation, how to maintain it and some of the conversation boundaries you should know about while talking to others.

All this takes time to perfect and you can start practicing before you learn how to solidify some long-term friendships. A good step would be striking a light conversation with someone at the store.

4. Plan meetups

Don’t wait for others to make plans while you could also take initiative. Your new friend could be waiting on you to make a move so don’t fully rely on them to come up with something.

Plan a weekend barbecue at your place or ask them to go for lunch as you catch up. Eventually you’ll be able to plan trips and holidays together as best friends.

5. Don’t try too hard

Give room for your friendships to grown naturally. Notice when some bonds aren’t meant to be and move on to other new friends if some friendships aren’t working out.

You should be able to know who you can maintain a strong bond with without forcing yourself to be someone you’re not. Your true friends will appreciate your introverted personality.

6. Take breaks to recharge

Introverts are prone to social exhaustion more than other personality types.

For this reason, taking breaks to be on your own is important before you find the energy to socialize again when you’re ready.

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