6 things that happen when you live with an insecure husband


6 things that happen when you live with an insecure husband


Marriage is all about trust, compatibility, and understanding. Never does an individual step into marriage thinking it would be troublesome or would fail.

But what if the other person makes marriage very hard to be in? Different people have different expectations out of their partners that could often result in conflict if not fulfilled.

This can make them feel insecure, ignored, and unfulfilled. Shedding more light on this, here is a look at what happens when you live with an insecure husband.

1. Your motives are always questioned

Even though you are working hard to take care of your family without compromising on your work, he still finds ways to question your motives. An insecure husband always expresses doubt regarding every action on yours, no matter how hard you try to keep everyone happy.

2. He keeps score

If your husband never forgets the time you went out with friends or visited your parents, he is insecure. He often recounts to you how often you went out as compared to how many times he was able to do so. It’s as if he is looking to take some kind of revenge because you went out more than him!

3. As per him, you always have a hidden agenda

When you are married to an insecure man, you will find yourself facing several baseless doubts and allegations. He thinks that you are doing things simply because you want something from him. Such toxic behavior from your insecure partner ruins the relationship completely.

4. There is more arguing than problem-solving

Whenever you bring up a topic regarding him that has been troubling you and try to solve it, your insecure husband uses it as an opportunity to fight with you and ridicule you. He repeatedly stresses his point, no matter how hard you try to work towards a solution.

5. He wants to know about your every text and conversation

When you are with an insecure husband, you always find that even before you are one sentence into answering a phone call, he demands to know who you are talking to. The same goes for your messages as well.

6. ​He is jealous of your close friends

Marriage with an insecure husband means having to continuously assure him that you place him above everyone else. Even though you cut back on the time you spend with your friends and limit conversations and texting with them, he still argues with you and insists that it is too much time with them.

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