6 things every man wants in a relationship



6 things every man wants in a relationship




Psychologists and relationship experts say men are from Mars and women from Jupiter, meaning they are so very different.

This might be the reason why two people can be in love, but can’t seem to live together or relate to each other in harmony.

Men and women are human beings, but their needs are very different.

As women, therefore, it is important to learn how to relate with the special man in your life to get the best from him, and be a fulfilled woman.

1. Respect

Men are wired in a peculiar way, what do I mean by this? Every man wants to be treated with respect from his woman. For men, their ego is of utmost importance.

How do I show respect? Some ladies ask, by deferring to him, in all things, by not criticizing him to anyone, by treating him like your man.

Why? Because in every man there is a king, treat him like a king and he will treat you like a queen.

2. Love

Every man wants his woman to love him. How? Give unconditional love. Show him affection. Be nice to him, especially when times are rough or he is feeling down.

Treat him with kindness always, not only when he buys you things or is nice to you. As human beings, we need love the most when we deserve it the least. So treat your man with the kindness you would extend to your baby, spouse, or dearest relative, come what may and he will show you the same.

3. Commitment

Committing to a relationship is a big step for any man, so when you have a man who has made a commitment to you, either in marriage or relationship, pay him the same compliment.

No games, be transparent in your commitment. For some reasons, many ladies think it is okay to keep more than one man, but it is really not worth it.

4. Integrity

Every man wants a woman he can trust. Not one who says one thing in the morning and another thing at night. But one who is so reliable. So ladies, no lies, no tricks.

Also, honesty; which is an integral part of integrity builds trust and sustains a relationship. Be the type of woman your man can trust.

5. Industriousness

An industrious woman is hardworking, whether in keeping the home or maintaining the equilibrium in the relationship, or her workplace.

The truth is that most guys today are not ready to commit themselves to women who don’t have a means of livelihood as they are seen as liabilities.

6. Homeliness

Every man wants a woman who is homely, one that will make a house into a home.

No man wants a woman about town, one who goes everywhere, never remaining at home. There is an art to this, and it must be learned at all costs.

You should always find time out of your busy schedule to spend moments with your man and family.

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