6 surprising health benefits of Oat milk



6 surprising health benefits of Oat milk




Oat milk is a plant-based milk alternative to animal’s milk that is gaining popularity due to its delicious flavour and nutrient profile. Oat milk is an ideal choice for vegans and people with allergies or gluten intolerances.

Oat milk is a dairy-free, vegan alternative to cow’s milk. It is made by soaking steel-cut oats or rolled oats in water and then blending with water.

After which, the liquid is strained through a cheesecloth, resulting in a heavy, foamy type of milk. As oat milk is made from strained oats, you will miss out a lot of nutrients that you would normally find in oats.

That’s why commercially sold oat milk is fortified with vitamin A, vitamin D, riboflavin, calcium, iron and potassium. Oat milk also contains beta-glucan (a soluble fibre), protein and has a low saturated fat content.

Oat milk is free of allergens found in other types of milk which makes it more unique.

1. Lowers cholesterol levels

Oat milk contains beta-glucan which helps keep your heart healthy by keeping your cholesterol levels in check. A study found that men with high cholesterol who drank oat milk for five weeks had a significant reduction in LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Other noted studies also reported that oat milk was effective in lowering cholesterol levels in healthy subjects.

2. Boosts bone health

Oat milk is fortified with calcium and vitamin D, the two essential nutrients that help in building strong, dense bones. Calcium is needed for maintaining strong and healthy bones and increasing its intake lowers the risk of bone fracture. And vitamin D works by enhancing the absorption of calcium to boost bone health even more. Calcium and vitamin D are linked to healthy bones and reduces osteoporosis risk.

3. Stabilises blood sugar levels

Oat milk can be beneficial for people with diabetes. Studies have shown that beta-glucans are potentially beneficial in the treatment of diabetes and its associated cardiovascular risks. Drinking oat milk can decrease blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

4. May aid weight loss

The beta-glucans in oat milk can help slow digestion and keep you feeling full for longer. This might help you eat less, which could make you lose weight. Many studies have shown that soluble fibre could aid in long-term weight management.

5. Strengthens immunity

As oat milk is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin D, consuming it can help boost your immunity and ward off infections. Many studies have shown the link between vitamin A, D and immune function.

6. It is lactose-free

Oat milk is vegan and free of nuts, soy and lactose which makes it a good option for those with dietary restrictions. People with gluten intolerance or celiac disease and those who are lactose intolerant can benefit from drinking oat milk.

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