6 signs your idea of romance is sabotaging your relationship


6 signs your idea of romance is sabotaging your relationship



Are you getting into your first relationship? If so, you should know what real relationships look like. In this image-driven society, most of our thoughts are the birthchild of what we see in movies or on social media.

You might see lovey-dovey couples doing cutesy things on social media platforms and you might expect your relationship to be just like that. However, that’s not always the case.

Relationships are great and you will have some of the best experiences when you’re with your significant other. But it might not always be a smooth ride.

Thinking your relationship will be perfect is unrealistic. Having high expectations can ruin your chance to be with a great person.

Even the best relationships go through tough times, and it’s okay. Keep reading on to know what is it that might ruin your relationship.

Here are 6 signs that your idea of romance may ruin your relationship:

1. You prioritise chemistry over other things in your relationship 

Do you think chemistry is the most important thing in a relationship? It is important to have chemistry but it’s not the most important thing in a relationship. Prioritizing chemistry over honesty, reliability and shared values can be a problem for your relationship. Once you get a hold of that, you will be able to build a more meaningful relationship with your partner.

2. You expect your partner to change 

Expecting your partner to change their values over time is unrealistic and you should stop doing it. A healthy relationship is about accepting each other and having the same values in life.

3. You compare your relationship with others 

Movies and social media have distorted one’s sense of the reality of a normal relationship. Relationships aren’t always perfect; you will have arguments and might even yell at each other. So, don’t expect your life to be a rom-com. Instead, focus on the good things in your relationship.

4. You start doubting the relationship when you don’t like something about your partner 

Don’t question your whole relationship if you find something about your partner you don’t like. There will be some days that your partner will get on your nerves, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a real relationship.

5. You get upset when your partner doesn’t read your emotions 

If you expect that your partner is going to know what you’re thinking without you telling them, you’re wrong. They are no mind readers, tell them how you feel. Communication is key in a relationship.

6. You think happy couples never fight 

Don’t expect your relationship to be a smooth ride and definitely don’t ignore the problems. If you avoid fights because you believe happy couples don’t fight, think again! Happy couples are happy because they work through their problems by talking out the issues.

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