6 reasons why your hair is not growing


6 reasons why your hair is not growing

6 reasons why your hair is not growing

There comes a time when your hair won’t just grow. No matter how much product you use or religiously stick to a hair care routine, your hair seems to be stuck at a particular length for years.

You have probably considered shaving your crown but it is just too expensive to let go of all the money and effort you have put into your hair.

If your hair is going through stunted growth and you don’t know why, here are some possible reasons why:

1. Too much heat

While straightening your hair with heat regularly may seem like an easy and faster way to help you prevent regular tangles, it could actually be damaging your hair.

Using heat consistently on your hair may strip it of its natural proteins and lead to breakage. Using heat protectants is not enough to shield your hair from damage, always straighten your hair when it is absolutely necessary.

2. Lack of moisture

When natural hair doesn’t get enough moisture it is likely to dry a lot and lead to frequent breakage. It is important to know your hair type in order to properly moisturize it.

Different people have different hair textures, not to mention some with high or low porosity, you will need different methods and portions when using your product in order to seal in moisture properly.

3. Little or no protein

When your hair lacks enough protein, it will struggle with the circle of growth as it will snap and break easily. When you notice your hair has lost its elasticity and is looking limper, you need to get more protein based products to help nurse your hair back to health and improve its growth.

However, be wary of using too much protein product that could deprive your hair of its natural shine.

4. No trims

As much as trimming hair that you have struggled to grow out may seem like a bad idea, it actually improves the quality of hair you keep.

Long hair is prone to more damaged ends and leaving these edges untrimmed, will lead to bigger split ends and eventually breakage. Your hair will be dry, dull and lighter from the constant shedding it will be going through.

5. Over- processing

A good number of ladies enjoy dyeing, relaxing, perming and using highlights on their hair, while these experiments may create amazing hairstyles in the end, they are not useful when growing out hair.

Using different chemicals on your hair strips it of its natural oils and colour leaving it exposed to spilt ends and breakage.

6. Aggressive styling

You could be doing everything right, following all the routines and using the best products but the problem could actually be the styles you go for. While protective hairstyles are recommended to lock in moisture and shield your natural hair, some styles may be too aggressive with your hairline and your roots. These styles will cause breakage and recede your hairline, always go for lighter styles that will not strain your roots or hairline when you sleep or style them.

Tip: Sometimes hair won’t grow because of health related problems or genetics, in that case give your hair a break and stop worrying about the length. All those products you use to break the circle of growth could be causing more damage in the long run.

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