6 quirky relationship habits that can predict if you will stay together


6 quirky relationship habits that can predict if you will stay together

6 quirky relationship habits that can predict if you will stay together

There are hundreds of things that come into play in order to decide whether a relationship is going to last or not.

Compatibility, shared interests, respect for each other, love, etc. are a few factors among them. Though these are very important, they are the obvious ones.

Apart from them, there are a few factors that are quirky but can predict if you will stay together or not. Here is a look at some of them.

​1. You speak each other’s languages

Learning to speak your partner’s language is a really important way to bond. It shows that you are actually listening and understanding each other. So, it is important to figure out that language so you can speak to your partner in a way that promotes growth and shows engagement with their interests.

2. You tease each other playfully

According to a 2018 study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, couples who enjoy playfully teasing each other, are often much happier in their relationship. It can be a great way to connect. Also, it’s good not to take yourself, your partner, and your relationship so seriously all the time.

3. You kiss each other at least twice a day

Creating positive interactions is important for the overall health of the relationship. In fact, when the ratio between positive to negative interactions is high, you can manage conflict easier and just get along better. Thus, making a habit of kissing your partner is a fun way to create more positive interactions.

4. You go to bed at the same time

Sharing a bed with your partner is an expression of intimacy and attachment, which can lead to a stronger romantic bond. In fact, a 2016 study published in a renowned international scientific journal found that couples who go to bed around the same time have better relationships.

5. You do chores together

Doing chores with your partner can be very beneficial for your relationship. Couples who split household chores have less conflict, better sex, and feel much more satisfied in their relationship. It may be a small thing, but a habit like this can help to maintain the friendship and intimacy in your relationship.

​6. You fantasize about each other

If you fantasize about your partner, that is a really good sign of your relationship being on the right track. As per research, people who fantasize about their partner are much more eager to participate in both sexual and non-sexual relationship-building activities.

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