6 qualities you should definitely overlook in your partner

Modern dating is an infamous concept nowadays. How the previous generation viewed dating has a high contrast to the current millennia’s dating concept.

A person’s way of perceiving their dating life can be via old-school books, online dating perceptions and even through peers.

Meeting countless people in your life can also engrave different ideas and opinions within you and as a result, people nowadays are really picky while considering the ideal dating partner.

We understand that you might have some preferences, but you should let go of the ideal list of things your partner should have. After all, truth be said, love is blind and feelings and understanding are the only things that matter at the end of the day.

So we have rounded up a list of things you should completely avoid while looking for a fulfilling life partner.

1. Their overall looks

No matter how much we deny it, we do end up considering the person’s hair, looks and height. We are normally attracted towards the exterior persona of a person just as we are towards their inner persona, sometimes more or less. One can have good six-pack abs but can be horrible in communicating. The same way, if someone looks timid and is short, they can be a quirky, amazing person underneath. Don’t look for a person’s outer qualities and chose them over their inner ones.

2. Age

Even if your partner is 7 years older or 2 years younger than you, it doesn’t matter. Society has implanted this notion among us that we should always look for people our age. You can be attracted to anyone and age should be the last thing to worry about. Their life experiences matter and how open they are to the relationship matters. The best partner may come in all shapes and sizes, but what matters most is their heart.

3. How both of you met

How many times have you avoided telling others that you and your partner met on a dating site? Many, I presume. Your ability to cover up the fact and say that we met at a coffee shop is normal because dating websites have still not been accepted fully into society. Even if it is 2020, people still prefer to mask their presence on online dating websites. Accept the fact that both of you met on Tinder because the experience can be worldly in a complicated world. Also, be honest with yourself.

4. Choice in attires

We just can’t help it but see how your partner has turned up to your date. Whether it’s a shabby t-shirt or unclean shoes, we do cringe at that thought. If their style doesn’t match yours, there’s nothing to be ungrateful for. Your partner’s unsatisfactory sense of style doesn’t mean they aren’t good at heart or the perfect one for you. If they are happy with their clothes rather than chasing trends and labels, then you should definitely love them for who they are.

5. Previous relationships

Etch it in your heart: Your past doesn’t define who you are. Similarly, your partner’s previous relationships shouldn’t matter at all. If they’re your sixth partner and you’re their first or vice versa, it doesn’t distract you from seeing the person in front of you. It shouldn’t bother you nor them if you are each other’s first love or even second, what should matter is you should aim to be each other’s last.

6. Your first date

First impressions are definitely a thing but it shouldn’t delegate your decision in being with the person. Your partner can be anxious or have their nerves go haywire on the first date. One is usually very nervous to meet the person they’ve been romantically talking to all these days. So basically, anything bad can happen. What you should decide is, if the person is the same in the second or third date. Then you know, that he or she isn’t for you.