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6 mistakes men make that are absolutely unforgivable


6 mistakes men make that are absolutely unforgivable

6 mistakes men make that are absolutely unforgivable

Who said relationships would be easy? They require consistent effort, compromise and loyalty among other things.

This article isn’t to say that there aren’t men out there who don’t have this formula down pat nor that all women master the game of love with flying colors.

But generally speaking, women will have a hard time looking past these particular mistakes. Here’s a list of them below:

1. Cheating

Cheating is a hot subject for many. Most women claim that cheating would be the last straw to break the camel’s back (or relationship), while others may debate that a one-time fling may be excusable given the circumstances. Whatever your take on it, we can both agree that the pain we feel when a man proves to be unfaithful is one that we likely wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

2. Mind control

Your partner should be someone who has your best interests at heart – while allowing you to make your own judgments. Anyone who brainwashes you to their advantage is not someone you should be involved with. You have the power to make up your own mind and not be shamed or guilted for your thoughts; don’t let anyone else hold that key.

3. Raising your hand or voice

This isn’t something to take lightly. Emotional or physical abuse should never be tolerated. Period.

4. Split personality

Sure – sometimes we may act one way with our friends and another with our partners. But if you can’t even recognize or “get to him” when he’s with other company, it’s a concern.

5. Not being present

‘Phubbing’ is a serious problem in relationships nowadays. By being glued to the phone or TV, they’re essentially taking you for granted by showing you that what’s happening on their screen is more important than quality time together. Checking e-mails or texts every once in a while is one thing. Waiting around every night for him to get off his device so you can finally have a decent conversation together is a problem.

6. A liar

When you’re involved with a pathological liar, how can you trust anything that may come out of his mouth? He’s not simply making himself “look good” by covering up his mistakes, he’s taking you for a fool to think you’d believe his lies. And yes, women do find out sooner or later!

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