6 miraculous benefits of amla juice for flawless skin
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6 miraculous benefits of amla juice for flawless skin


6 miraculous benefits of amla juice for flawless skin

6 miraculous benefits of amla juice for flawless skin

Amla is known as vitamin C store. It can be consumed as juice, powdered or raw- any form you want! It is known to improve liver health, maintain blood sugar levels and aids in digestion as well.

This fruit is no less than a boon for glowing skin and beauty. Amla means “Sour”, that grows throughout India.

Amla is profoundly notorious and contains constituents like phenols, alkaloids and Tannin (gallic acid, ellagic acid, Emblicanin A and B).

Now, when we talk about the nature of Amla, its essence is cold. For this reason,it proves to be very helpful in removing skin related diseases and problems.

1. Prevents pimples

Consumption of Amla Juice helps in removing acne scars. Since it works as a blood purifier, so have wonderful results in pimples. Amla is considered a protector of glowing and beautiful skin. Amla protects our skin from spots, pimples and wrinkles and helps to keep the skin young by improving its colour.

2. Damaged tissue repair

Amla is a fruit in which both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties is found together in sufficient quantity, which helps to take care of your skin. Amla consists of astringent properties which help in tightening up the skin pour resulting in clear and healthy skin.

3. Fights signs of ageing

It has anti-ageing properties also, as amla is a rich source of vitamin C (known as ascorbic acid) and anti-oxidant properties too, so it helps in delaying ageing. Prevent wrinkling of the skin, fine lines as well as dark circles.

4. Pigmentation reduction

Amla juice application, as well as drinking, helps in cleansing and reducing pigmentation of the skin. Its regular use will remove all skin tans and whiten the skin. It helps in various skin diseases like Psoriasis, Leprosy, eczema and different skin allergy.

5. Brightens the complexion

It is an excellent cleanser and helps in removing dead skin cell from the face and results in providing glowing skin. Regular consumption of amla help to increase the production of collagen in the skin, which results in soft and beautiful skin.

6. Reduces dandruff and itchiness in the scalp

Amla juice does not help for the skin, but it is also a right treatment for your dandruff and itchiness problems, especially in winters. During winters, our scalp becomes dry, which causes dandruff. Amla juice solves the issue of dryness and stops dandruff from accumulating on your scalp. You can apply it on your scalp before washing your hair. Keep it for around 15-20 minutes and rinse it well with water.

DIY amla face mask to enhance your beauty

You only need to add one ingredient in your diet, and that is amla juice. Amla has a lot of benefits especially when it comes to skin. Amla can keep your skin, problems away, and by consuming it every day, it can also delay your ageing process. It can be consumed in any form, whether in  juice or whichever way you like.”

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