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6 logical reasons why you should never date a married person


6 logical reasons why you should never date a married person



Falling in love or getting attracted to someone is completely natural, but falling in love with someone who is already married is a big ‘No-No’.

While you may justify it with idealistic beliefs and ideas but considering the moral implications it might have on you and your partner, you should always think before stepping into the world of infidelity.

It might seem thrilling and excitement in the beginning, but over time, it will take a toll on you and also ruin an entire family.

Therefore, before initiating anything of this sort, here are all the logical reasons you must consider before dating a married person.

1. You will always remain a rebound

Well, the first thing you must ask yourself, if in case you’re planning to date a married man or a woman, is if you want to remain a rebound for the rest of your life? While you so-called lover has already tied a knot and may be even has a kid, there is not a chance that he/she will trade their family for you. You will always remain a back-up with who they can play around but when it comes to serious business, they won’t look to you at all.

2. They will never leave their spouses

One thing you must keep in mind is that they are never going to leave their spouses, no matter what. May be with you they feel alive, but their spouses are the source of their security and status in the society. They will not compromise it for you, ever.

3. It will never be a meaningful relationship and your life will be put on a hold

While you may dedicate your life to a married person, there is no way he/she will do the same. They might take care of you but there is no guarantee of a meaningful relationship. Your life will remain at the same point where it began and there will be no progress in your relationship.

4. Although you’ll be dating, you’ll always feel alone

When you date a married man or a woman, you may spend quality time together but when you really need them, they will not be there for you, as they will be tending to the needs of the real family. You will feel dejected and alone, even when you are in a relationship.

5. There will never be a happy ending

Never expect a happy ending to the kind of relationship that is built on the foundation of infidelity. It will either end ugly or will leave everyone broken. You may dream of a life together with your married lover but once the beans are spilled, you’ll just be a nuisance to them.

6. They did it to their spouses, they can very well cheat on you too

If ever there is a chance that they leave their spouse in order to be with you, what assurance do you have that they will remain faithful to you? The fact that your relationship began on a cheating note, you never know, they might do the same thing to you too.

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