6 home remedies to get soft & smooth hands

6 home remedies to get soft & smooth hands


Our hands are pretty busy throughout the day. The amount of work that our hands end up doing also exposes them to a wide variety of elements, leading our palms to be rough, callous, and dry.


If you’re wondering how to make rough hands soft permanently, you don’t need to head out to a skin specialist or a doctor right away.

Nature has provided us with a bunch of ingredients which, when used in the right manner, can help infuse life back into your hands, and make them soft and smooth.

In order to get your hands to feel smooth and soft easily and naturally, we’ve put together a bunch of easy techniques, combining some good old home remedies and a bunch of quick-fix solutions for you.

1. Applying sweet almond oil

The presence of moisture is what helps your hands stay soft. Naturally occurring fatty acids play a vital role in making that happen, which is present in good proportion in sweet almond oil. All you need to do is to rub some almond oil onto your hands and leave them as it is until the oil gets soaked up by the skin. This should be done at least once a day. You can leave it applied overnight too.



2. Application of raw honey

Honey doesn’t just make for a delicious addition to your diet; its texture and composition can also be utilized for the goodness of skin health. Hydrating the skin and soothing its pores is one of the effects of applying honey, thanks to its general nature of being an emollient. Applying raw honey on your hands twice a day and washing it off after 30 minutes is all it takes to bring back the softness of the skin on your hands.


3. A palm scrub made of sugar

In most cases, the primary reason for your hands not being moisturised enough is the presence of dry skin on the surface. These flakes prevent the good healthy skin underneath from being hydrated properly. Using a sugary mixture to scrub these flakes off helps with exfoliation and allows your skin to breathe well. A small mixture of coconut oil and sugar is all you need to scrub your hands with, following up with a moisturiser after washing it off.


4. Applying some egg yolks

Amongst the various tips mentioned here, this one tends to be the most surprising. Eggs are beneficial when consumed and are even used for improving hair health. The conditioning properties that the yolk contains, due to the presence of the lecithin compound, works wonders on your skin, too. Applying a whisked egg yolk on your hands thrice a week can help in making them soft. Do wash your hands later with a scented natural handwash to get rid of the smell.


5. Oatmeal as an effective scrub

A lot of healthy food items turn out to have additional benefits and a variety of uses too. With dry skin being one of the prominent reasons for your hands being dry and rough, an oatmeal mixture becomes the perfect solution for it. Grinding, powdering, and mixing some oatmeal along with coconut oil turns it into a scrub that not only helps with exfoliation but also provides a moisturising effect. Alternatively, moisturisers with oatmeal as their constituents can be used too.


6. Putting extra virgin coconut oil to good use

Coconut oil has plenty of uses, as we all know. It is also an emollient, much like honey, which helps accentuate the presence of moisture in the skin. Apply some coconut oil onto your hands at night and slip on some gloves to let it stay on till the morning.

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