6 fear every entrepreneur must overcome


6 fear every entrepreneur must overcome


It is a widely known fact that everyone is not cut out to be an entrepreneur. This is because running a company or business can be quite challenging and requires a lot of time, efforts and of course money.

But what if you decide that it is right for you? It very common for budding entrepreneurs to have doubts and of course, fears.

Fear causes procrastination, avoidance behavior, overwhelm and inaction and this is something that everyone experiences in business.

Having the ability to be aware of fears and conquer them, however, is the only path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Here are 6 biggest fears entrepreneurs face on their journey to success.

1. Fear of failure

Fear of failure is one of the most commonly experienced fears. Nobody likes to fail and what they put their hands to but the truth is if you keep thinking about failure and put off starting your business you might jeopardize potential success.

2. Fear of taking risks

The business world involves a lot of risks. You have to take risks in order to be successful and continually move your business to the next level – but that doesn’t mean doing so is easy. Have the mindset that whatever happens you’ll get back up and try again and be better at it.

3. Fear of all the good ideas having been taken already

It is true that there is nothing new under the sun yet no two ideas can ever be alike or be implemented the same way. Always look at ideas from different angles. There’s always a new dimension in business.

4. Fear of not being good enough

This is at the root of so much of our behavior. The mind will dictate all the reasons you don’t have what it takes. You’re not alone here. Sometimes this belief never goes away, but you can still march ahead proudly. As an entrepreneur, aiming for excellence should always be your goal.

6. Fear of losing creativity

At the very core of every entrepreneur is the ability to be creative, your creative ideas are the ones that birthed your business in the first place.

Therefore it is no surprise that the fear of losing one’s creative juices feels a lot like losing life itself. Once you get sailing on your entrepreneurial journey, the thought of having to go back and work in a traditional job can seem crushing. Therefore it is always good to hone in on your skills and learn new ones too.

7. Fear of acceptance

We live in a world where we’re constantly judged by others, therefore, we are most afraid of not being accepted.  The first step is to have an acceptance and confidence in yourself and your own abilities.

The more you invest in your own abilities and skills, the better you feel from the inside out – and the more confidence you’ll have to forge your way forward and grow your business.

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