6 different types of liars and how to deal with them



6 different types of liars and how to deal with them




Everybody lies. It doesn’t matter who you are, it is impossible to come across a human who doesn’t lie. In fact, there are many different kinds of liars. Some are pretty little liars, while others are manipulative, compulsive liars.

Lies can be trivial or hurtful and serious. Lying can deeply injure relationships. Finding out if someone has lied to you is as easy as checking on little things they stated, but there are other ways too.

A person’s sentence structure, body language, and tone of voice can tell you if they are lying.

Let’s first look at the issue – why do most people lie? Well, some do it for self-preservation, while some are habitual liars. Whatever their reasons may be, below are 3 different types of lies and how to deal with them:

Compulsive Liars

Compulsive liars lie because of several reasons. However, you can always find out if they are lying. Their stories don’t usually add up. They are also very obvious and display the classic lying behaviors, such as avoiding eye contact, breaking out into a sweat, and tripping over their words or rambling.

Pathological Liars

Pathological liars lie as a response to any stimuli. These people are excellent liars because they lie constantly and make up stories so unnecessarily and often that it becomes extremely difficult to distinguish the truth from false statements. Unlike the compulsive liar, pathological liars are near impossible to catch in the act. Pathological lying is also known as pseudologia fantastica.

 Sociopathic Liars

These types of liars can be very difficult to deal with. Sociopathic liars lack empathy. They do not care if the lies they state impact others negatively or even actively cause harm. This type of liars can be narcissistic and super charming, but this isn’t always true.

White Liars

White liars often mix the truth with the lies. They do it so that when people catch them at it, they tend to believe that they didn’t mean to deceive and were probably confused themselves. However, sometimes, a person may tell white lies when trying to protect someone from the truth if it is too hurtful or damaging.

 Careless Liars

Careless liars are one of a kind. They lie all the time and don’t much care about morals and ethics. Most careless liars are aware of their dishonesty as they don’t put in much thought behind the lies and are generally very sloppy.

How To Deal With Liars

There are many different ways of dealing with liars. The best thing you can do is not react aggressively or with anger – although this is easier said than done and is incredibly difficult.

The liar is expecting an explosive reaction from you anyway and will use this as a diversion and turn the entire situation against you. Be aware that their version of events is likely false. The best way of dealing with liars is to firmly but politely confront them, tell them that you are aware of the truth, and that you won’t stand being lied to. Get yourself out of this toxic situation.

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