6 common mistakes that lead to relationship breakups


6 common mistakes that lead to relationship breakups

6 common mistakes that lead to relationship breakups

Relationships require a lot of dedication. The moment you decide to make things official you sign up for a whole new experience.

While in relationships, you learn so many virtues through your interaction. You can learn to be more patient by the way you handle disagreements or even learn to be more accommodating of differences when you start living with them.

At the same time, there is no denying the high rate at which couples are breaking up these days.

We see many people barely passing the one year mark and this means that there are many underlying mistakes which make or break a relationship.

Here is a list of some of the mistakes that can easily break a relationship if you’re not careful:

1. Rushing into relationships

No matter how much you detest being alone, rushing into relationships is never a good idea. Although a couple of them have managed to be strong from ‘love at first sight’ scenarios, rarely if ever will you be in the exception and majority end up in shambles. It’s important to take time to know someone before deciding to be in a relationship with them. Kids further complicate the relationship especially if it doesn’t work out. Never underestimate the power of patience in relationships.

2. Being insecure

Relationships require you to be self-aware. You need to honestly assess yourself and address some of the toxic qualities you may have without being too harsh on yourself. The problem of carrying insecurities like trust issues into a relationship is that, your walls are constantly up and you end up pressuring your partner to prove themselves and make you happy. Don’t approach everything with a reactive attitude. Most of the time you’ll even discover that you misunderstood many situations because you reacted.

3. Always putting your partner’s needs first

Relationships are a two way street. Both parties should contribute to the relationship equally so no one feels played or used. Prioritizing your partner is a crucial thing but putting yourself first is also important. Besides, if you’re not happy in the first place you won’t be able to make others happy the way you’d want to. Practice putting your needs first. It’s important for your emotional and mental health too. Just remember to find a balance because putting yourself first all the time may come off as self-centered.

4. Talking about your ex

Constantly talking about your ex to your current partner is a huge turn off. It gives the impression that you have not truly moved on from them. This move creates a big sense of insecurity in your partner and eventually, they might decide to leave the relationship. Don’t make your partner feel constantly compared and inadequate. It’s better to stay single If you feel like you have unfinished business then enter a new relationship once you have fully healed and come to terms with the situation.

5. Being comfortable with toxic habits

Relationships should help you get rid of bad habits and change for the better. People cannot force each other to change so it’s upon you to take responsibility over your own life. Using excuses like, ‘that’s just how I am’ won’t make things better especially when your partner is doing their part in improving themselves. The first step is being honest with yourself and then doing your best to contribute to a healthy relationship with your partner.

6. Ignoring big issues

Ignoring major issues in relationships is akin to a ticking time bomb. As you sweep huge issues under the rug and move on like nothing happened, things are likely to erupt and lead to a break up. It’s true that not every issue is worth arguing over but major problems need to be addressed early enough so that there is no hidden resentment between the two of you.

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