6 awesome gifts for fast food lovers

6 awesome gifts for fast food lovers

6 awesome gifts for fast food lovers

A fast food chain might not be the first place you turn to for a holiday gift. But some offer fun or helpful items that someone on your list might enjoy.

I scoured the internet for fast food items that sounded the most appealing. The items below range from hats to bags to plushies from popular chains like Taco Bell, Chik-fil-A and In-N-Out Burger. You may know the perfect person for one of these themed gifts.

This beanie offers a subtle and stylish way to communicate your Taco Bell obsession. It’s mostly black with multicolored neon flames and a small blue logo. If you’re ready to rock winter headwear, Taco Bell also has wearables like this hot sauce packet onesie and fashionable hoodie.

When you walk past a Krispy Kreme and see a warm light, it means the place is making fresh, hot donuts, according to the brand’s website. Taking after that well-known cue, this 15-ounce mug changes color when you pour a hot liquid into it. This could make a fun gift for a coffee drinker or donut connoisseur.

Gotta give it to those cattle, it’s an effective way to spread their anti-burger message widely. It’s $25 for a 5 cow pack, and if you pay $10 more you can upgrade to a bigger 10 cow haul.

This unconventional outfit allows you to stay warm while chowing down on a burger or a honey butter chicken cookie. A bold impression leaves no doubt about your choice of fast food establishment. Also available in burnt orange.

A burger-loving friend or family member could probably benefit from this faux leather duffel bag. The bag is white and red with large zipped pockets and a removable shoulder strap. It’s perfect for weekends and other occasions that call for a cool gym bag.


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