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5 zodiac signs who keep their promises


5 zodiac signs who keep their promises

5 zodiac signs who keep their promises

It’s difficult to find those who actually keep their promises. Most would boast about their promises but not actually keep them.

Such unpredictable behaviours can create a lot of chaos and bring about hassles. It’s really difficult to know whether a person really means to keep their promise or not.

But don’t fret. Astrologers actually seem to know who are more likely to keep their promises by evaluating their zodiac signs. Isn’t that awesome?

1. Cancer

Cancerians hate breaking anybody’s trust and always thrive to keep their promises. They are careful in making plans so as to not break them. They are also very consistent during deadlines and will always show up unless someone else means to cancel a get-together. They will always go out of their way to help you in difficult situations.

2. Virgo

They are organised and perfectionists who worry a bit too much about keeping up with every single detail. In cases like these, they also worry about not being able to keep a promise and thus, do their best to retain their given word. They are natural givers, who, if can’t abide by their promises, feel ashamed of letting down someone else.

3. Capricorn

Scorpios care a lot about their own image and refrain from doing anything that will hurt their reputation. They are internally motivated to keep their words and deliver their promises on time. It’s not because they want to help you out, but mostly because they don’t want to be seen as a bad person. It can be overwhelming at times, but they will do their best to keep up with their image.

4. Leo

People of this zodiac sign are very kind and hate to hurt anybody’s feelings. The idea of breaking a promise seems like a disgrace to themselves and also, how they don’t want you to view them as a bad person. Leos are also very friendly and understanding. They are the first person you would run to, in case something happens and you want some support. They are very mindful of their words as well.

5. Capricorn

Their sense of responsibility doesn’t allow them to go back on their word. They will ensure by all means that they can live up to their promise. They value their own gaols and commitments a lot, so if you share similar aims, you’ll be in a Capricorn’s good books. Rest assured, they will always help you out in threatening situations. But, don’t get a Capricorn mad with dishonesty. They hate it the most.

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