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5 zodiac signs who are extremely addicted to social media


5 zodiac signs who are extremely addicted to social media

5 zodiac signs who are extremely addicted to social media

Having an addiction towards social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more, are not uncommon.

The current millennia is constantly in a loop with their smartphones and checking their feed, as a force of habit. Moreover, the people who check their phones first thing in the morning can be called big-time addicts of social media.

Some people are more addicted to social media and astrologers have been able to determine their specific personalities. So, here are the top zodiac signs who are addicted to social media.

1. Gemini

Geminis are the first ones to check their phones right away in the morning. They are very social creatures and thus, love sharing their tastes, likes and preferences with others. They prefer to engage in social conversations and talk about things they are passionate about, whether it’s talking to someone in DMs or even being the star in chat rooms.

2. Leo

Leos always have this desire of being in the spotlight amongst others. So, being a social media star is a piece of cake for them. They love sharing their pictures which radiate confidence and a happy vibe. They also tend to have many followers and thus, Leos work towards maintaining their personality on social media with a lot of patience and effectiveness.

3. Libra

People of this zodiac sign are very tech-savvy and know exactly how to utilise their social media platform to their advantage. They also have great stalking skills which they put to use if they need to check up on their ex. Librans might miss their former partner, so they use social media a lot to stalk their ex and also see how they are doing without them.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios are a quiet bunch themselves, but they will use social media apps extensively to lurk on others’ lives. They love to know what has been going on with others and will also comment or like others’ pictures. They will most likely dig up every little detail about you, without you even getting a hint about it.

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarians use social media just for fun and pretend to post pictures or videos casually. But, they do so, only to get calculated and favourable responses from their followers. They are the ones to engage in conversations with anybody on the platform, so it becomes effortless for them. They also focus a lot on post-engagement and are more likely to become social media influencers.

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