5 weight-loss rules you shouldn’t follow



5 weight-loss rules you shouldn’t follow




Every person’s weight loss journey is distinct from another. The tricks that worked for one might not be the same for others.

Even then there are some basic weight loss rules, apart from eating right and exercising, that most people try to follow when on a mission to shed kilos.

These are extreme rules that require you to push your limit. In reality, they only help a few people, while for others it may create a hurdle on their goal to lose weight.

Here are 5 weight loss rules that you need to mend to drop some kilos effectively

1. Only do intense training

Weight loss is all about burning calories, the more calories you burn the faster will be your weight loss. Stern exercises can surely help you achieve this objective, but engaging in intense activities regularly can also increase the level of stress hormones in the body. A rise in the level of cortisol, the stress hormones can increase your craving for unhealthy foods and sweets.

2. ​Avoid gluten

You might have been suggested by many people to cut down gluten from the diet to shed more kilos, but this is a useless trick. Gluten is a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains like wheat. It is not bad for your health unless you have celiac disease. Those suffering from celiac disease, an autoimmune condition are sensitive to gluten and should cut back on grain containing this protein. For weight loss, try to cut down the intake of processed and refined food products.

3. ​Stay away from all sources of sugar

When it comes to cutting down sugar for weight loss, it simply means cutting down refined sources of sugar. Fruits also taste sweet and are processed the same way in our body, but it also contains health-friendly nutrients and fiber. The nutrients help your body to carry out the internal function while the fiber keeps you fuller for a longer time.

4. ​Do not snack in between meals

Some diet completely prohibits you from snacking in between the meal. Honestly, this is a perfect way to sabotage your weight loss goal. Munching in between your meals is key to manage your blood sugar level. When you do not snack between your meal, you will feel ravenous by your mealtime and will consume more calories.

5. Cut back on carbs

Just like protein, carb is also an essential macronutrient and cutting it down completely may have some health issues. Carbs produce energy in the body and also bulk up the stool, promoting easy bowel movement. Cutting back carbs from diet or decreasing its intake may lead to weakness and constipation. Instead, try to include healthy sources of carbs in your diet like fruits and vegetables.

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