5 ways to protect your relationship after reconciliation



5 ways to protect your relationship after reconciliation




Relationships can have many outcomes, some inevitable and others quite unexpected. When couples break up or get divorced, in most cases you expect that to be the end of the relationship.

However, there are instances where a couple who went their separate ways reconcile and commit to each other once again.

If you’re wondering how to go about explaining to your loved ones that you got back together with “that guy” or you aren’t sure how to navigate this new relationship, here are 5 ways that’ll definitely help you through:

1. Tell only who you must

There are many naysayers out there. There’s bound to be someone who outrightly discourages you from working on your relationship or ones whose comments seep into your brain sowing doubt and discord.

To protect your new relationship, tell only those who are closest to you, who support you and whose opinions you trust.

2. Commit to beginning afresh

If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re reconciling, you should be able to let go of the past and commit to starting again. It doesn’t bode well to go back to your partner with grudges or hoping to get revenge. Yes, you got hurt but ensure that you have forgiven your partner and are completely ready to give it another try.

3. Speak up whenever you have concerns

Communication is so important in relationships, we can’t reiterate that enough. Even as you vow to start afresh, voice your concerns as soon as they crop up. Avoid leaving things unsaid as this fosters contempt and can lead to bigger conflict later on.

4. Ensure you’ve addressed your past problems

There’s very little sense in claiming that you have reconciled with an ex and yet, you haven’t addressed the issues that led to the break up. Sit down and talk about these issues and ensure that by the time you’re committing to starting afresh, you’re both satisfied that your past problems are resolved.

5. Be careful what you tell others

The nitty gritty details of your relationship should always remain between you and your spouse. You don’t want to jinx your “new” relationship or have people weighing in on matters that should be between the two of you. Keep as much as possible to yourself until such a time when the relationship has stabilised enough to endure outside pressures.

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