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5 ways to lose weight when suffering from hypothyroidism


5 ways to lose weight when suffering from hypothyroidism

5 ways to lose weight when suffering from hypothyroidism

One of the major challenges of people suffering from hypothyroidism is unexplained weight gain.

Apart from handling the other symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland like fatigue, joint pain and constipation, one also has a task to maintain healthy body weight.

Even if you exercise daily and keep a close watch on your eating habits, it might be difficult for you to shed kilos as compared to others because of the low level of thyroid hormones.

Our thyroid gland regulates our metabolic function, which plays a significant role in weight loss. When it is not functioning properly, it may hinder the weight loss process.

But one can overcome this problem by making some crucial changes in the diet. Here are 5 tips that can help people dealing with hypothyroidism to lose weight.

1. Cut down simple carbs

The first step to lose weight when suffering from hypothyroidism is to cut down the intake of simple carbs. Your carbs consumption should not only be low-to-moderate but should mostly comprise of complex carbs. Complex carbs promote satiety and keep you fuller for a longer period of time.

2. Avoid refined food products

Refined foods like refined sugar, oil and flour are also not good for people suffering from hypothyroidism. These food items contain fewer nutrients and a lot of calories. Both of which are not good for weight loss. Look for healthy alternatives to these food items. Add jaggery, honey, whole-grain and ghee in your diet.

​3. Have small and frequent meals

Hypothyroidism slows down our digestive functioning. Having a heavy meal in such a condition can lead to constipation, heartburn and boating. When your internal system is not functioning properly it might become difficult for you to shed kilos. To manage this condition eat small and frequent meals.

4. Add anti-inflammatory diet

Anti-inflammatory foods can be another excellent addition to your diet when suffering from the problem of an underactive thyroid. These food items may provide relief from joint pain, muscle strains and depression. It can boost your immunity and speed up the weight loss process.

5. Move your body

Last but not least move your body. To lose weight, you need to burn calories, which is only possible when you engage in some kind of physical activity. Without exercising weight loss is not possible. Try different types of exercises like strength training, yoga, cardio and see what suits you

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