5 types of people after break-up!


5 types of people after break-up!

5 types of people after break-up!

We have all fallen in love and had our hearts broken, at one point or the other.

The break-up will have you listening to Celine Dion, singing and crying from the depth of your stomach, imagining situations that could have been. We all have been there, maybe once, others, more than once.

Some break-ups will have you reading motivational quotes every minute.

However, after some days, months or years, you get over the individual and wonder why you let yourself go through all that you did. Your love life could have even won you an Oscar!

Below are the different categories of people after break-ups:

1. The dramatic ones

These ones will cry and roll on the floor, talking about how the break-up will kill them. You stand there, constantly asking yourself if the love that wants to kill them is the same kind of love you have experienced. The constant crying and drama can go on for days till you the pacifier is tired, frustrated and irritated. However, when they bounce back, it is always with full force.

2. The hunger strike specialists

Try asking them to fast on a normal day and listen to them tell you how it is likely they have ulcers or how they do not fast in their family. However, once there is any break-up, they automatically lose their appetite. For days, they stare into space, sigh a lot and no desire for food, just water. They automatically lose weight and become “slim…something” on social media space because after they get over the break-up, they snap back and post the hottest pictures.

3. The Fit-fam

These set of people are either walking to no particular destination or they join the gym, working out the pains of the heart-break. Just don’t try to cross their path because they will take it out on you. The weight of their punches is loaded with the anger and resentment they hold towards their exes.

4. The talkative

It is either they are exclaiming “I fuckup” or exclaiming out of the blues. These set of people are a bit closer to madness because you are always praying they don’t shout in public.
Some others in the group will tell anyone that is willing to listen. If they are in public, just ask how they are? They start narrating their ordeals, how someone broke up with them and how they are over them. It doesn’t really matter if you are a stranger or not.

5. The social media motivational speakers

These set of people will constantly give motivational speeches based on their life’s experience, the experience is the break-up that happened. From do not lose yourself to love, to learn to love yourself, just get yourself ready because you are in for a long ride. The break-up will unleash the inner T.D. Jakes. They may even write you a full length book and turn into relationship experts overnight.

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