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5 truths you must accept to find true love


5 truths you must accept to find true love

5 truths you must accept to find true love

Who doesn’t want to find true love in their lives and that special someone? Thinking about that perfect partner, being in love and finally getting married, are the things that everyone at some point has thought about.

However, getting to experience true love is sometimes easier said than done. Committed relationships always start out well and full of excitement.

And as the relationship gradually progresses things start to mature, it is then you realize that there is a lot you do not know about your partner.

It takes a lot of compromise and sacrifice in order to build your relationship into a genuinely fulfilling one. To love and be loved in a positive, and healthy way is not effortless.

Here are 8 truths you must accept in order to find true love:

1. Be the right person, before looking for the right person

If you want to be in a happy relationship, it is important to be happy yourself first. Making yourself happy or finding your happiness is crucial to being in a committed and complete relationship. When you choose to be in a relationship with someone, you cannot expect him to be responsible for your happiness all the time. That can be mentally exhausting and draining.

Depending on your partner for your happiness will not only make you an over-dependent person, but it can also severely affect your relationship.

2. Boundaries are non-negotiable

Every person has their deal-breakers when it comes to their relationships, such as alcoholism, physical abuse, financial instability or something else. Whatever may the deal-breaker be, make sure that you are transparent with your partner regarding that, so that he knows what your sensitive points are.

If your relationship is based on true love, your partner will always make sure that he keeps your deal-breakers in mind and strive to always avoid situations like them. But if your partner does not care about any of that and intentionally chooses to indulge in stuff that makes you scared or uncomfortable, you are clearly not with the right person.

3. Communication is key

Communication is one of the biggest tools to understand and foster well being in a relationship. To actively listen to the legitimate concerns of your partner is a tool used in successful relationships. Hence, one of the most important lessons for finding true love is to make sure that there is no communication gap between you two.

Without proper communication, it is next to impossible for a person to continue with a relationship. If you cannot talk to your partner about what is bothering you and vice-versa, then what is the point of being together?

4. Having shared goals is vital

You must figure out what you want to do with your life and how you are going to achieve your goals. At the same time, find out what your partner’s goals are so that you can help and support each other in achieving those goals.

It is not mandatory that both of you should think and function in the same way, otherwise it is not true love. However, if your interests and goals are more or less the same, it will help you understand each other. Additionally, it will also help you both in achieving those goals and make the most out of your lives together.

5. Do not feel victimized

You are the controller of your life. And oftentimes, to be a victim or not to be is our choice.

If you are in a relationship where your partner does not care about your physical or mental well-being, then leave that relationship. Do not stick around trying to change an irreparable situation and be a victim. Your life and your sanity is your own, and only you can bring about a change in it.

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