5 tips to foster digital intimacy in your relationship


5 tips to foster digital intimacy in your relationship

5 tips to foster digital intimacy in your relationship

Dating is a complex game, those days of trolling singles in cyber space for a possible match are no longer seen as queer.

I mean, everyone knows at least one couple that met online and are blissfully hitched right? The question, however, boils down to whether your online presence has a positive impact on your relationship or not.

At the end of the day what you do on various digital platforms will have an impact on you and those around you.

Here are a few ways you can work on building your relationship while having a healthy relationship in the digital space.

1. Play games

A great way to spend time together while you are miles apart is by playing games. As long as you are both connected you can find a game that interests you both and you can enjoy them during your free time, lunch breaks or at specified times.

This is a fun way to hang out that doesn’t cost much and it could be your own special thing that you do just the two of you.

2. Share

Nowadays, one of the sure ways to know you are exclusively in a relationship is by being posted on social media. When he or she posts and tags you as their significant other, it sets the records straight to the hopefuls out there.

Be respectful of each other and write sweet things without going overboard or it will work against you. Change your status to relationship or married and keep your accounts private so you can share and celebrate your love freely and in the eyes of those you trust.

3. Create time

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, it is crucial to have face time. There are many platforms through which you can have a video call. Set aside a few hours in a week where you solely hang out and talk.

You can use this time to have dinner together or talk over a glass of wine. The fact that you can afford to post every day and update your status indicates your capability to set aside some time to touch base with your lover.

4. Follow appropriate accounts

You have no business following bikini models when you have a wife or girlfriend unless it is work related which in this case should be something you both discussed and agreed upon.

Social media comes with all sorts of negativity and following one bad account can cost you your relationship. Instagram hookups are soaring high and you do not want to lose a good relationship over a silly fling.

5. Be mindful

Related to the above point, you should not be in the social media streets liking every raunchy photo you come across.

If anything, you should unfollow those accounts that are hyper sexualized or promote a certain agenda that may threaten the stability of your relationship.

Also, before you share anything, think about the impact it will have on your partner and whether it is worth sharing.

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