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5 time to break “these” parenting rules


5 time to break “these” parenting rules

5 time to break “these” parenting rules

Parenting is as unique as one’s finger print. No two parenting techniques can be alike.

Being said that, what you grew up to need not necessarily should be what your child should grow up to.

With time and advancement, we need to adopt certain changes in our life in order to blend well in the present.

With parenting, the rules of upbringing should be changed to new ones depending on what is good for the child.

Instead of following the legacy-enriched rules one should instead pick new habits and etiquettes which fits in the surrounding.

1. “Only one hour of TV or mobile phone”

This is as archaic as the age before the invention of TV and mobile phones. Everything, including education, is online these days. Instead of restricting kids from using mobile phones they should actually be encouraged to do that. If you feel that long screen time will hamper the vision of the child then a better way of explaining it is to bring in co-curricular activities into sight. Be it paper craft or pottery or even cooking; engage them in something which they will find exciting to do.

​2. “Have your lunch at 12 noon”

Do not force feed a child. Let the hunger come to it. Usually kids eat randomly- whatever and whenever they want. This is good, in a way, as it helps the kid experiment with a number of foods. The kid can actually grow up to recognise varieties of food and acquire a taste for all.

Force feeding a child or putting a child in a eating format limits the scope of being introduced to the varieties of food, as a result of which the child can develop deficiency in some or the other sort of vitamins or minerals.

3. “On Sundays you have to do this list of chores”

No. Allow the child to pick his or her own habits. Not all kids like dusting or cleaning floors on holidays, many like to cook too. So it is very essential to allow the child to pick the habit and then parents can guide them about it.

Imposition is bad for a child’s overall development. It restricts the scope of exploring hobbies and passions.

4. “Do not give stern replies to elders”

We all have grown up to this. No child is ever allowed to talk back to the elders. While in a way it inculcates respect and discipline in another way, particularly when the elder is hostile, it confuses the child about right and wrong.

Whatever a child says, listen to it. Children speak truth in its purest form; never question their intent.

5. “Who did you ask before doing this”

Do not make a child dependent on your approval. Let the child take own decision. If some curiosity arises in the child and he or she has done a job, be their cheerleader. If it’s a bad thing, dissuade them from doing it by explaining it with proper logic.

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