5 things you shouldn’t have to ask for in a relationship


5 things you shouldn’t have to ask for in a relationship

5 things you shouldn’t have to ask for in a relationship

When it comes to any kind of relationship, communication is always the key. But at the same time, there are these certain things which are common and don’t need to be ‘asked for’ when in a relationship.

Commitment requires a lot of work to keep it strong, so be clear on what you expect and need from your partner to ensure that both of you are on the same page.

This will further build your bond stronger and result in a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. So, here we have rounded up a couple of basic things that do not need a mind-reader to figure out – on how to treat your significant other in a relationship.

1. Respect

Your partner might seem sweet and respectful to you, but if you notice that their family or friends don’t follow their lead, then it is a direct reflection of how much you’re worth to your partner and their inability to stand up for you.

This basically means that they don’t actually respect you as much as they claim to. You shouldn’t have to point out the disrespect you are receiving. This should be common sense, and the person you are with should take the initiative to correct these things on their own.

2. Compliments

When you tell your significant other that you have had a bad day at work or that you don’t feel like you are in your element, they should try to build you back up rather than agree with you every time or make another joke at your expense. At times like those, you would want some special attention from your partner than anyone else.

They are supposed to be your source of validation. When you’re not receiving the validation that you should be from your partner, you could find yourself unintentionally seeking it from other unlikely sources without even realising it.

3. To keep promises

When they make a promise to you about something, you do not have to nag them to keep up their word. If they are not capable to make up to you by sticking to their promises, it just means that they don’t really mean anything they say. You can’t grow with someone who constantly breaks their promises.

4. Dates

You shouldn’t have to beg or request your partner to take you out once in a while for a date. Staying in with some food and movies can be totally amazing but that shouldn’t be the extent of the “dates” you and your partner go on.

5. Talk about their ex

We all have some emotional baggage from our previous relationships and experiences. We all have people whose names are assigned to the scars on our back. Everybody will have the ghosts from their past haunting them from time to time and that is okay. However, it is not okay when they always mention about their exes. It is not okay when comparisons are constantly been made. This can tarnish your relationship in the long run.

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