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5 things you should know before visiting a fancy restaurant


5 things you should know before visiting a fancy restaurant

5 things you should know before visiting a fancy restaurant
Once in a while, we decide to treat ourselves to a top class restaurant.

It could be that you’re celebrating your birthday, an engagement, a graduation or maybe you just like to enjoy some time with your closest buddies over a nice meal.

That said, it’s important to note that there is a huge difference between going to a fancy restaurant verses any other type of restaurant like a fast food joint.

The rules are different and there are certain standards that are taken very seriously. By the establishment and so should you

If you’re planning on going to one of these bougie restaurants anytime soon, this is what you need to know and do:

  • You need reservations

Unlike fast foods you simply can’t walk in and expect to order food. Making reservations is an important part of any fancy restaurant. Not only that, you need to do it early enough to avoid any inconvenience to you and the restaurants as well.

In some you can book online and for others you have the option of calling too. They need to know how many people will be attending and what particular date you plan on going, then they will confirm availability.

In case you want to cancel your reservations for whatever reason, make sure you do it early enough as well.

  • Your dress code matters

Going to a five start restaurant isn’t the same as going to a local café in terms of dress code. When you’re just going to buy some fries, you can even show up in your pajamas and no one will ask you about it.

However, when you’re going to a high class restaurant, you should dress appropriately. That means you can’t show up in sweatpants, raunchy outfits or any kind of attire that doesn’t fit the dress code standards.

They can decide to bar you from entering if you’re not dressed appropriately.

  • Dining etiquette is a priority

Aside from the dress code, you need to be ready to follow the dinning etiquette basics. This includes using the right cutlery for meals and desserts, using your napkin, chewing with your mouth closed and other common dinning etiquette rules.

There are those unspoken rules that they expect every guest to follow and that’s just part of how they operate.

  • You should organize for payment early

Paying for the meal shouldn’t be a big deal at a high class restaurant. It should be a discreet process and it’s best to decide who the host is before showing up for a breakfast, dinner or lunch date, to avoid any embarrassments.

Let your waiter or waitress bring the bill at the table and if you are the host, take it, confirm, and follow the payment protocols without gasping dramatically at the bill.

  • Politeness is a must

Going to this type of restaurant or any restaurant with a nasty attitude is a no-no. Many people think that just because they can afford to visit a five-star restaurant, they can behave how they want to, which is wrong.

In whichever restaurant you go to, avoid doing things like being loud, rude and obnoxious and always maintain a high level of respect even when things don’t go your way.

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