5 things people wish they knew before getting married


5 things people wish they knew before getting married

5 things people wish they knew before getting married

There are endless points that couples always put across in their arguments such as trust, understanding, care and most importantly, “things I wished I knew before marrying you.”

Marriages are complicated where most couples are really confused with their approach towards marriage and sometimes, they often miss out on crucial things they wished they knew before getting hitched.

So, here are the top things couples wished they knew before tying the knot.

1. It’s a marriage between families too

You aren’t just marrying your partner, but their entire side of the family too, especially in Indian marriages. It is important to maintain good relations with your partner’s family as well, and vice versa. Balancing families in between work, and holidays can be a tough job, if you’ve only spent most of your holidays with your folks. Here, adjustment is the key.

2. The constant pressure to have kids

Those nosy neighbours will soon start gossiping about when you are going to hit the jackpot by producing a baby for the family. Just when you thought that the pressure of marriage is enough, the newly-found pressure of having children might honestly, freak you out. That’s alright. But to tackle this, you and your partner have to move past these comments and settle for a relevant time.

3. Marriage advice from others don’t work

Nobody knows your marriage better that you and your partner. Comparing your marriage with others can be a toxic trail that would be best avoided. But when you face fights and look for marriage advice from others, you will get to hear all sorts of things that may or may not fair well for your relationship. You both are mature enough to understand each other and solve your own problems.

4. Too much fighting is normal

Couples quickly start questioning themselves whether it was wrong to get married since they always bicker and fight. When living under one rough, arguments are bound to occur, some little, while some quite harsh. However, if both maturely end a fight, by analysing and growing every time from it, then there’s no reason to be negative about your marriage.

5. You are together, but an individual as well

Don’t lose your identity after you enter a marriage. Sure enough, you both work and stay as a unison, but catering to your individual needs and preferences is also perfectly alright. Having your own wants and figuring out your individual finances is very necessary to retain a successful marriage. Remember, you are your own individual, before anything else.

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