5 sneaky ways men test you in the early stage of a relationship
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5 sneaky ways men test you in the early stage of a relationship


5 sneaky ways men test you in the early stage of a relationship

5 sneaky ways men test you in the early stage of a relationship

If you think your man is playing games with you, he probably is.

Most guys use hidden techniques to figure out what if you’ll be a doormat or if you’ll make him work for your affection.

Here are the 5 surprising ways your guy is probably testing you to determine what kind of partner you’ll be:

1.  The “let’s chill” tactic

Early on, a guy needs to know how much effort it’ll take to get what he wants. Sure, he’s probably really interested in spending time with you and getting to know you, but let’s face it, sex is also a very important component of any good relationship. If he can get the goods without splurging on expensive meals and vacations, then that’s exactly what he’ll do. The offer to “chill” (at his place or yours) will only cost him less than a quarter tank of gas and a box of condoms, and once you get into the habit of having “dates” behind closed doors with him, don’t expect him to all of a sudden turn a new leaf and want to take you out for a fancy meal.

2. Leaving you on read

At some point, he’s going to really push your buttons. Why? Because he wants to see how you act when you don’t get your way. Most guys are deathly afraid of losing their freedom, so they want someone in their lives who will play a prominent role without stripping them of all the things they like (i.e. beer, time with friends, and video games). If you’ve been texting and calling your boyfriend and your calls and messages are left unanswered, don’t throw yourself into a tizzy. He’s definitely just testing you to see if you’ll keep blowing up his phone and beg him to pay attention to you or if you’ll remain cool, calm, and collected.

3. Playing hot and cold

Some guys go hot and cold on purpose, while others are so emotionally screwed up that they don’t even realize what they’re doing. Regardless of your boyfriend’s reason for being sweet one day and blowing you off the next, it’s one of the many games that’s always thrown into the mix when it comes to dating and relationships. When he goes cold, do you go chasing after him? Do you reach out to him first and ask him what’s wrong? If you ignore the times he puts some distance between the two of you, he’ll soon realize you’re not desperate for his attention.

4. Talking about other women

He might tell you about some of his platonic friends of the opposite sex or he might make a comment about a celebrity he finds really hot. Obviously, he’s going to be attracted to other people, but the real reason he brings up other women when he’s in your presence is to see how you respond. Will you tell him he has to ditch all of his opposite sex friends if he wants to be in a relationship with you? Do you get super jealous when he makes a comment about how hot he thinks Jennifer Lawrence is? He’s going to judge your reaction during each interaction and as usual, your job is to let everything roll off your shoulders.

5. Questioning your loyalty

Don’t be surprised if you catch him snooping through your social media accounts or glancing at your phone the second it starts ringing to see who’s calling you. Your boyfriend wants loyalty and someone who’s going to be there for him no matter what, so he’s not going to put his all into the relationship until he has determined you have eyes for him and only him. If you have a fan club of suitors who are constantly calling, texting, and leaving flirty comments on your Instagram account, it might really turn him off.

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