5 simple ways to plan your dream wedding on a budget

5 simple ways to plan your dream wedding on a budget


5 simple ways to plan your dream wedding on a budget

5 simple ways to plan your dream wedding on a budget

Weddings cost a fortune. The decorations, food, venue, champagne and many other things contribute to a dreamy and memorable wedding but at a hefty budget for sure.

Couples and their families often face a dilemma of managing a proper wedding budget because of the increasing expense in every amenities.

Having an experienced wedding coordinator is the key but if you don’t, then these simple way will surely help you to plan your wedding on an affordable budget.

1. Choosing the right venue is important

If you’re planning to go full-out on a wedding, then remember to choose a place that already has amenities like onsite huge lawn or ground space, table, chairs, decorative space etc. There are many wedding venues that provide all the main things in a singular package and dealing with this far better than spending on these amenities singularly.

2. Don’t compromise on guests

Guests would always like a place to sit, enjoy the meal and watch you on your big day. Even though the accommodation of chairs and tables may cost you much, it’s something you should include in your budget. Now, you wouldn’t want someone to bad-mouth your wedding just because they didn’t have a seat, right?

3. Use all your connections

Call that high school friend who’s now a pretty good DJ or ask your dad for his friend’s number for the entire food catering service. Such people will always negotiate a good price with you than wedding planners.

4. Stop using the word ‘wedding’

When vendors hear this word, things automatically become more expensive. It’s important to ask around for prices rather than starting with ‘wedding prices.’ Vendors will hog you with the best material, but at a very hefty price.

5. Rent everything, literally

From chairs, tables, silverware to tablecloths, try renting everything. There are several wedding coordinators out there who provide the best deals. And, this might be an unpopular choice, but renting your wedding dress can also be a very considerate choice. This way, you can opt for a beautiful one at almost half the price, without having to blast your pockets.

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