5 simple tricks to make your man miss you more


5 simple tricks to make your man miss you more

5 simple tricks to make your man miss you more

Sure you want to be with him 24/7 and want to spend as much time as you can with the love of your life.

But there are certain things to keep in mind for him to value you more and miss you like crazy. These things will only bring you both closer and will strengthen your relationship.

In your attempt to make him miss you more, don’t get carried away and create a wall between him and you. You want to create a kind of distance that would make him want you more and not cut him off completely.

Try these techniques to nail the art of making him miss you uncontrollably!

1. Don’t say ‘Yes’ too often

We know you desperately want to say a big and loud ‘Yes’ to whatever plans he makes with you. But to make him want you more, it sometimes becomes necessary for you to be a little distant and say ‘no’ to some plans to make him intrigued.

2. Be unavailable at times

You like him a lot and want to know what he’s doing at every given hour of the day. Fight this temptation and don’t be too clingy with him. Take time in replying to his texts and don’t always be at his beck and call.

3. Don’t always initiate

You saw that new restaurant that opened near your place and your first instinct is to call him up and plan a date. Resist the urge to always initiate plans or even send texts first. Let him initiate and make efforts to connect with you.

4. Spend quality time with him

For him to miss you when you are not there, open up to him and talk about your vulnerabilities to him. Show interest in activities that he likes and take part in his daily routine to make him miss you like crazy when you are gone.

5. Have a good time without him

Nothing makes a man miss you more than you having a blast without him. Spend time with your friends and be sure to post it on social media or tell him personally about how much fun you had with your besties.

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