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5 relationship truths you should know in your 20s


5 relationship truths you should know in your 20s

5 relationship truths you should know in your 20s

Relationships are not so linear and come with their own set of complications.

While having a relationship is not just the deal, keeping it is what makes it worthwhile. Once you know the trick on how to manage it, it becomes easier to navigate it and set expectations.

Here are five relationship truths you will learn in your 20s that will further help you in the future.

1. Everybody comes with baggage

Almost everybody, if not everyone, has had past relationships. When you commit to a new relationship, you need to be open and accepting of the fact that everybody has a past – including you – and be okay with it. Be accepting, kind and understanding. Your relationship with the person is new, and you need to work on your own story.

2. Some people can be mean

It isn’t necessary for every person you date to be your ideal match, or for them to be nice to you. Being rejected in love is completely fine and an experience that will only teach you. You could be let down or hurt, but knowing when to draw the line is essential. Move out when you feel the situation is getting out of hand.

3. Sometimes it is necessary to be brutal

You may not be able to be blunt about certain things with your partner; however, sometimes, this could mean that you are enabling uncomfortable behaviour. To put an end to your misery, you would need to be completely honest, even if it means your relationship is at stake. A bond with someone who doesn’t consider your wishes or expectations is not worth investing in.

4. Thoughtful people are gems

A thoughtful person will exactly know how to accommodate your feelings and needs alongside yours. Giving enough space for you to learn and heal and work on themselves. They are the real keepers. Try to be a keeper yourself. Be receptive of your partner’s feelings and emotions.

5. Being vulnerable is important too

Vulnerable is often considered a weakness. It’s not. Being vulnerable with your significant other is a sign of trust and deep connection. The way you feel comfortable and safe with your partner emotionally, physically and even sexually. That in itself, makes for a wholesome relationship.

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